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Montreal Scores 7 Goals In Their Win Over Ottawa, But It Was A Stressful 7 Goal Win March 25, 2008

They can’t come much uglier than this. For two periods, life was good as Montreal built up a 7-1 lead against the visiting Ottawa Senators, who previously had humbled the Montreal 6-1 in February and 3-0 March 13. It was a time to dance in the street, sing, hug the neighbour, sing the Olay song. During the second intermission, I was thinking in double digits for the end of the massacre. It was going to be beautiful. habs-logo.jpg

But someone must have slipped horse tranquilizers into the Montreal player’ Gatorade between periods, because in the third, along with giving up fourteen shots to two, also gave up four goals to make it a scary, stressfull 7-5 game that I don’t mind saying made me quite pissed off. And on top of everything else, Montreal took two penalties and had to kill off a two-man advantage for the Senators late in this ridiculously ugly third period. But they killed it and I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if Ottawa would’ve scored during this power play.

I was as stressed as if it was a 2-1 game.

So it was a good-bad kind of thing. Pittsburgh lost 4-1 to the Islanders, so the Habs’ win, (and it was a win, all things considered), increased their hold on first place in the east by three points.  sens1.jpg

The bad, of course, was that they almost blew a 7-1 game and lost.

Imagine if they would have lost. They might have had to line up the same shrinks the Boston Bruins have lined up. It’d be a mind fuck for the rest of the season. The kind of game players, and probably fans too, lose sleep over all summer. The kind of game that can make or break the rest of the season.

And I’d have to listen to all my old friends in Ottawa who once upon a time were good, hearty Habs fans, and changed, believe it not, when their town got a team in the early 90’s. If Ottawa would have come all the way back to win tonight, these friends would have been insufferable.

But Montreal scratched it out and got the two points. That’s the main thing. It’s just good that the game was only sixty minutes and not seventy. And it’s good that Montreal scored seven goals, and not five, which you’d think would be plenty enough.

Let’s just hope there’s not too much mind damage.

 The team now has a rest until their short jaunt into Buffalo Friday, and then a little swing over to Toronto on Saturday. Both Buffalo and Toronto are in panic mode to win every game and possibly make the playoffs.

So both Buffalo and Toronto are going to play their hearts out when the Habs come to town.

So boys, have fun with your wives now for a couple of days, then get down to business. Keep it going. Stay on top. Go over 100 points. (they’ve got 96 now with five games left). Hopefully they’ll meet Boston in the first round.

And don’t worry about the Senators. They’ll be gone soon enough after the playoffs begin anyway.


2 Responses to “Montreal Scores 7 Goals In Their Win Over Ottawa, But It Was A Stressful 7 Goal Win”

  1. der Habinator Says:


    What this game tells us is that we’ve got a ways to go if we intend to make any noise in the playoffs. Mentally, we’re simply not strong enuf. We knew that Ottawa would come out strong in the 3rd. We knew that we would get penalities. And we knew that Ottawa would not, that they would be permitted liberties. We KNOW that in order to succeed we have to be that much better than the other teams, that we cannot let the expected bs disrupt our concentration. But even knowing all that we did not maintain our focus or our composure tonight. It’s as if each player had, hehehehe, an evil little Lawrence perched on his shoulder armed with a tiny hockey stick, jabbing at him, tugging at him, yakking at him, distracting him from his task – the players must learn to bear down, to flick the pestiferous li’l Larrys off their shoulders and swat them into the penalty box where they belong.

  2. Mike Williamson Says:

    I went up to bed at the end of the 2nd period with us up 7 to 1 but I had this awful feeling because Ottawa is an explosive team.
    Sure enough I came down in the morning & watched the 3rd period, we must have felt the game was over after 40 min`s.They get some very dubiuos calls in their favour & bingo-bango it`s nail biting time.You & der Habinator have got it spot on! Thats not playoff hockey,I hope they had their arses reamed after that big of a let down!!!!! It`s 2 points but they are lucky they had a 6 goal cushin.Wake up BOYS!!!!!!!!!

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