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About The Sort-Of Interesting Me November 14, 2007

For 50 years, beginning in Orillia, Ont., I’ve checked the scores and standings to see if the Montreal Canadiens have won or lost and whether I’m going to have a good day or not. I should actually root for the Vancouver Canucks  because now I live north of Vancouver in Powell River, but I’m not, and this goes against Don Cherry’s beliefs about cheering for the local team. I’ve lived in Toronto, Calgary, and Ottawa too, but alas, I have no feelings for these teams whatsoever. And as long as Canucks fans and others tell me how much they dislike the Habs, then I’m going to dislike their team too. It’s just natural. What do they expect?

Personally, I’m a newspaper columnist and a BC Ferry worker now, but in the 1960’s, I dove head-first into the counter-culture, grew my hair long, and hitchhiked across Canada three times, with little money and sleeping in ditches and fields, before I was 20 years old. Then I grew up and drove tractor trailers for most of my life before coming to Powell River. I’m a writer, a lousy singer, a fairly good pool player, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a fan of the Beatles and Bob Dylan, and was a good hockey player a really long time ago. I’ve been to Russia six or seven times and Europe several times, and have had itchy feet, like a gypsy, all my life. And through thick and thin, I’ve always loved the Montreal Canadiens.

Best of all, I’m just like you, an ordinary person who has made a lot of mistakes and tried to learn from all of them.

If for any reason you’d like to email me, my address is Please be gentle though. I’m old.


6 Responses to “About The Sort-Of Interesting Me”

  1. sandy Says:


  2. Paul Says:

    Old, can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t golf, but can drink, likes the proper hockey team, has a great 44 year old younger brother, and has a good wife.

  3. danny Says:

    hi dennis,i dont think i have a favorite team,i use to like chicago black hawks when i was young becauseof #9,now i follow hockey from a neutral point of view,dont get me wrong,i love hockey, but now,i like to watch fine hockey players do their fancy play,i like those young players that play with heart first,their love of the game usualy show in the stats book,those guys with heart for the game seem to last a long time in this game we call ours.
    have a good day

  4. danny Says:

    hey did you see kriss letang score on luongo?the kid did the same move on kiprosoft, sweet hey….

  5. danny Says:

    you remind me of my father in a way,you were raise in ontario and you cheer LES CANADIENS DE MONTREAL,dad was raise in quebec and he cheer for the MAPLE LEAF OF TORONTO,I was born in ontario (al secord bert bertuzzi,s town)i was raise in both provinces,in the 70s i play hockey pee wee and bantam in the province of quebec i had the chance to play with gaston gingras he play for a few team in the nhl,as a kid he was a very fine player good skating ability good stick handler and the top scorer in those days,funny when i first saw him on tv i could not beleive he was a defenceman,as a young man he was center,nevertheless it was great to see a player in the nhl that i had the pleasure to play against in my youth,in temiscaming quebec(oh ya we won the cup)i have a picture,we won because we had a better coach i think,also we had more heart.Oh ya Dennis did i ever tell you jacques laperriere#2montreal canadiens,was from my home town(village)bearn quebec,his brother jean-marie laperriere had 6 boys they were all avid hockey players i had the pleasure to play with,they would tell me about their uncle jacques who use to come in the summer at their cottage in ville marie quebec,oh ya did i tell you im related to one of the greatest hockey player to lace the skates,MARCEL DIONNE, HAVE A GOOD DAY

  6. king of crib Says:

    re sort of interesting,,great guy,cheap date can,t drink much without passing out,sucks at cribbage but still a great guy,has the worlds longest hangover but still a great guy,if he was single I,d marry him,well maybe not!!!!

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