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Pittsburgh and Detroit Go For The Cup. This Is Good, I Suppose. May 19, 2008

Two real good teams are going to tangle for the Stanley Cup. I’ve got no complaints about this. It’s not like it’s the Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricane, or Tampa Bay Lightening. Or even, dare I say, the Anaheim Ducks.

No, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings are a solid matchup and two good hockey towns to boot. Pittsburgh had an NHL team in 1925, the Pirates, which lasted until 1930, and the city’s had the Penguins since league expansion in 1967.

Detroit’s been in the league since 1926 when they took over the Victoria BC franchise. The city and team like to call itself Hockeytown, which is a little off. If Detroit’s Hockeytown, then Montreal and Toronto must be Hockeycities.

And if the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit doesn’t start getting more fans in the seats, the nickname might have to be changed to ‘Used to Be Hockeytown.’

This leads me to my second complaint. It’s fine that Gordie Howe is called Mr. Hockey, but isn’t that for others to label the man? My personal opinion is, he shouldn’t be signing autographs as “Gordie Howe, Mr. Hockey.” Doesn’t that make him just a little bit full of himself?

Gordie Howe is considered by not all, but many, as the greatest ever. Greater than Gretzky, Orr, Richard, and Lemieux. It’s a judgement call. Hall of Fame goalie Glenn Hall told me Howe was the best there was.

He doesn’t need to blow his own horn. Let others do that for him. Let others call him Mr. Hockey.

And I say this with the utmost respect for Mr. Howe.

Am I wrong for thinking this? I’m pretty sure Mario never signed as Mario “The Magnificent One” Lemieux, or Orr as Bobby “The World’s Greatest Defenceman” Orr, or Maurice “Hero of a Province” Richard.

This year’s final is a sexy affair because of so many stars involved. Crosby, Malkin, Hossa, Staal, Malone, Zetterburg, Datsyuk, Franzen, Lidstrom, Draper. And the guy who played on the original 1926 Wings, Chris Chelios.

It’ll be good. I may even watch some of it.

The thing begins Saturday in Detroit.


One Response to “Pittsburgh and Detroit Go For The Cup. This Is Good, I Suppose.”

  1. der Habinator Says:


    I never shared the opinion that Detroit was `hockeytown’ or that Howe was the best player ever. Far as I’m concerned greatness in hockey is measured in Cups and nothing else and therefore it follows that that honour belongs to Montreal and Beliveau and/or Henri Richard. As for signing his name `Mr. Hockey’, hey he’s getting on and, given his less that `sharp’ acumen, I’m sure that somebody has convinced him that this is a good thing. Once again, hockey illustrates an interesting aspect of `human nature’ aspect, to wit: the childish yet common belief that because somebody says it to be so makes it so. Alas, our culture in this respect is stunted yet the truth is that if a blatant lie of whatever kind re whatever subject is first presented to people who for various reasons swallow it whole they almost invariably do not let go of it regardless of often overwhelming evidence that refutes it. It never ceases to amaze me how easily we are therefore manipulated into espousing abusive and exploitive agendas always, of course, in the name of virtue. Why are we so vulnerable in this respect? I’ll leave that for another blog or book or two or three or ….. hehehe. In any case, in this instance, this `chutzpah’ is probably more acceptable to Americans than Canadiens who espouse an ethos of `modesty’ that often rings false – for example, the current bs that the rich, expecially the Hollywood breed, are just like u and me. So, let him stake out his claim to fame and remember him as a great player only no Beliveau.

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