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And All Along I Thought Winnipeggers Were Nice May 15, 2008

Geez, I thought people in Winnipeg were nice people. But it turns out they’re no different than a couple of people in other cities. Surprisingly, some Winnipeggers don’t like the Habs.  I don’t understand it, but it’s the way of the world, I suppose. Who would’ve thought?

So I say to these Winnipeg Hab-haters, may one of your smaller mosquitos land on your head, pick you up by the hair, and drop you into a haystack with a pitchfork in it.

Here’s what I mean.

Recent letters to the Winnipeg Sun:


From GM Ross.

This message is directed to the most overrated, over-hyped and probably whiniest bunch of sore losers, along with their fans. To the Montreal Canadiens: Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, good riddance. And take your homer referees with you. Ole, ole.


From Jeff Morris:

Nigel Gauvreau needs to calm down and take a look outside the real world (Mail Bag, May 3). No one cares about Montreal winning the Cup, and all Habs fans have to show for during the past 15 years is that they nearly burned down the city when they beat Boston. Since the same thing happened back when Rocket Richard was suspended, that’s nothing new. Besides, at least the Leafs are looking for a GM who will turn them into a Stanley Cup contender.


From Chris Maher:


The best thing about the Montreal Canadiens being knocked out of the playoffs will be not having to listen any longer to the Chairman of the Carey Price fan club, CBC’s Greg Millen.

Don Cherry got ripped for pulling for the Leafs or Bruins, but at least if you’re annoyed with Grapes’ views, one has to hear him for only a few minutes at a time.

But Millen goes on for 60 minutes about the Canadiens goalie and his great positioning and rebound control and seems to be over the top with gushing compliments on simple wrist shots from the blue line.

Even without high-definition, one could see the No. 31 Habs sweater under his CBC blazer.

Don’t get me wrong, Price is a great young goalie with potentially a great future ahead of him, whom 29 other teams would covet. But Millen, having been only an average NHL goaltender himself, seemed to be living vicariously through the young Montreal netminder. And when Price began contributing more and more to the Canadiens’ losses and eventual elimination, Millen only then realized the real star of the series was the Flyers’ RJ Umberger, a fourth-line player who almost didn’t crack the playoff roster, and then began to sing his praise deservedly.

Someone help me out here?

Does Ole, ole, ole, when translated mean, “hey Mats Sundin! We see you didn’t come to Montreal and are there any good tee-off times left?”


(Note from Dennis: What the hell does the last two sentences mean?)



6 Responses to “And All Along I Thought Winnipeggers Were Nice”

  1. maggie Says:

    yes, greg millan really likes carey price. but his love for price just barely balances bob cole’s dislike of the leafs. it’s just as sickening for a habs fan to watch a leafs game as for a leafs fan to watch a habs game, apparently…

  2. Dennis Says:

    I was always under the impression that Bob Cole loves the Leafs and dislikes the Habs. He really should retire.
    Thanks for your feedback, Maggie.

  3. der Habinator Says:


    Yeah, Maggie, thx for your dopey comments. Millen `loves’ Price .. hmmm, I’m sure the ancient Greeks would understand this less than kosher sentiment however I suggest you substitute for `love’ something like `respect’ or `is a fan of’ or `appreciates great talent’. And Bob Cole dislikes the Leafs? LOL. Cole is always buttoned up because his entire idiot body is covered with Maple Leaf tatoos and the names of every Leaf who ever farted in the smelly confines of that mutant team’s dressing room. You sound like a bona fide `mangeuse de twinkie’ ….. delusional and unable to apprehend the simply fact that the Habs and Leafs are comparable in only one way: Habs win cups and Leafs don’t.

  4. der Habinator Says:


    p.s. Winnipeggers Are generally good people only it seems that you’ve attacted their entire gang of twinkie fans to your site sorta like skeeters that don’t know the diff between food and a zapper. Hehehe, I `luuuv’ these bugs and hope that more show up for a good swatting.

  5. maggie Says:

    haha wow that was a huge typo by me…i meant to type “…barely balances bob cole’s love for the leafs.” in cole’s case, i wouldnt’ substitute the word ‘love’ for ‘respects’ or ‘is a fan of’. perhaps a combination of all those words…

  6. der Habinator Says:


    Hehehe, I gotta admit, I `luuuved’ your typo! As for Cole, I suggest that the appropriate word would not allow for anything remotely akin to intellectual/rational awareness, something more like `imprinting’ … I mean, if it quacks like a duck …. eh?

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