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Mike Ribeiro Two-Hands Detroit Goalie. Maybe He Was Using Sidney’s Stick. May 12, 2008

It’s an interesting study, this Mike Ribeiro.

Let’s first start in the here and now, and work our way backwards.


In game two against Detroit, Ribeiro, the Dallas Stars offensive threat, while skating past the Wings’ net, received a butt-end from Detroit goalie Chris Osgood. Ribeiro then turned around and gave Osgood a two-hander across the chest of Osgood. It was, for lack of better words, selfish and stupid on Ribeiro’s part.


Now let’s back up a little. Ribeiro was an underacheiving forward for the Montreal Canadiens, and was sent packing to the Dallas Stars for defenceman Janne Niiniman and 5th round draft pick, and he blossomed into a big point-getter and an important piece of the puzzle in Dallas.


Habs critics had a field day with this. Gainey was an idiot, they cried. How could he make such a bad decision to practically give Ribeiro away and now the guy’s a star in Dallas? What a mistake Gainey had made, they decided.


But Gainey traded him for a reason. There was talk that he was a person who helped separate the dressing room into cliques. He was a yapper on the ice who never backed up his tough talk.

And the instance that showed me he was no Montreal Canadien came when they did a close up of him one night in a game against Pittsburgh, and the the Habs were losing by a goal late in the game. And was Ribeiro all business and focused on the task of tying the game up? No. Instead, he skated over to Sidney Crosby and asked him if he could have one of his sticks.


To me, this is no Montreal Canadien. The Rocket and Doug Harvey would be rolling over in their graves about this Crosby stick thing.  Jean Beliveau, I’m sure, never asked Gordie Howe for his stick in a closely-fought battle. Toe Blake would’ve benched him for a month if he did.


I was glad when Ribeiro was traded. And I could care less how many goals he went on to score with Dallas. He was never going to be a Montreal Canadien, plain and simple.


3 Responses to “Mike Ribeiro Two-Hands Detroit Goalie. Maybe He Was Using Sidney’s Stick.”

  1. Mike Williamson Says:

    Dennis, I have’nt posted lately Because 1, I’m still px%*#d off2 the more I read how Pittsburg is making the most out of their chances I go into a deeper depression!! Oh well it was a Great Ride while it lasted, Talk soon!

  2. der Habinator Says:


    How relaxing not to have to go back and post entries in blogs that I missed! Just one entry today.

    I agree with u re Ribeiro – Gainey didn’t make a mistake. Team chemistry is essential at the top pro level and I would suggest that establishing and nurturing this bonding/fellowship has become the major preoccupation of the modern coach. In the `good ol’ days’ this was accomplished quite simply by the fact that the coach was an officially sanctioned tyrant and could do/say whatever he pleased to whomever he pleased. Thus, for example, the great 70s Habs teams didn’t need external motivation, they had the shared burden of Scotty Bowman to bring them together. So, what works better, bonding for positive or negative reasons? I used to believe/desperately want to believe that it was the former but now I am more inclined to go with the latter. If you wanna create solidarity, share heinous acts and/or strong negative feelings re someone or some group. Yeah, a big reason why Scotty was a great coach lay in the fact that as such he was also a great asshole. Alas, for coaches, this aspect of coaching can no longer be reduced to such a simple and elegant strategy – they must instill `positive’ bonding experiences and establish equally positive objects over which team solidarity can be defined. Ahh, yes, yet another principle of human action is illuminated by hockey: it is so much easier to be mean than to be fair. Sigh, why do people bother with other parts of the paper, especially the political bs – when the sports sections provides insight and understanding into human nature – in all its multivarious guises – in a much more informative, entertaining and concise fashion.

    La P, you sassy sorry-assed Sabre suck-up, this site is not a democracy, bottom line is it’s a tyranny – one dood is at the top and he ain’t a she and only his vote counts. Well, okay, maybe an oligarchy which means a tyrant plus all his cronies which in this case means all troo Hab fans. Hehehehe, it therefore follows that you, as a punkette, are pretty low on the pyramid so watch it or I shall crush you like the fruity little merlot grape that you are. Also, I suggest you check out my entry on May 5.

    And I don’t hate crappy pop music, I merely hate crass pounding deafening `LOUD’ music. As the bible sez, there is a time for sowing and time for reaping and ….well, a time for pretty well everything, even crappy pop music but that time and place is definitely not at a hockey arena! Talk about `VIOLENT’! Ha! The noise level makes pretty well anything that goes on on the ice seem downright civilized in comparison. Yeah, I can never understand how the pc twits go on about fighting when the noise is far more aggressive and far less acceptable.

  3. danielleia Says:

    I’m no suck up Devil Hab. Don’t undermine my intelligence, I know an oligarchy is! And I’m totally at the top of the pyramid. Gosh you’re cranky today.

    I suppose Ribeiro and Dallas are made for each other, yeah?

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