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Much Ado About Nothing. French or English Music At Habs Games – Who Cares? It’s Hockey, Not Sex May 9, 2008

A Montreal publisher, Michel Brule, is complaining that not enough French music is being played at the Bell Centre during Habs games.

He said the Canadiens have no respect for francophones because of the lack of French music.

Here’s my thoughts on this:

I could care less if the music was more French or not. It’s about the game, not the music, and most of the English stuff they play at rinks I’ve heard about 80,000 times.

These people who complain about songs are, plain and simple, really overreacting. It’s a hockey game, and the music is only very brief clips when there’s a time out or an icing call or whatever. It’s not something to get worked up about.

These folk probably need a vacation, or maybe it’s just that they really like to see their names in print.

I’d like to say to all French people in Quebec,  I like and respect you. I wish I spoke French better than I do. 

And the French women are spectacular to look at.  

Maybe the Bell Centre will give in and play your music. I hope it’ll make you feel better. But more importantly, much more importantly, is that the Habs win, not if Robert Charlebois isn’t being played but Gary Glitter is.

Don’t forget – anything’s better than the ole song.

And Jason Castro’s been kicked off American Idol so we probably won’t have to worry about hearing him either.



6 Responses to “Much Ado About Nothing. French or English Music At Habs Games – Who Cares? It’s Hockey, Not Sex”

  1. der Habinator Says:

    Sigh, I miss not being able to just slam down whatever it is that is going through my head in the heat of the moment – i.e. during, immediately before/after a tilt. I would buy a new pc if I could afford it …hmmm, hehehe, any `sugah mommahs’ out there lookin’ for quality blog stroking in exchange for gadzillions or at least enough for a decent laptop? I will guarantee a certain percentage of multi-syllabic words as well as a several compound-complex sentences per posting each one of which will, of course, contain a significant sampling of `passionate’ exhortations.

    As for the French song `thing’. A rule of thumb that indicates some as yet indeterminate kind of social dynamic is this: 15% of any population is always going to be insular/exclusive/ethno-centric/xenophobic et al. Yup, 15% of Albertans want to separate and of them 15% are of the radical blow-the-eastern-bastards away variety – Quebec separatism came later. So, nothing unusual about the `protest’ re the tunes being inflicted on the passive masochists who endure such brutal assaults whenever they attend a game … yes, I shun arenas because people are jammed in like sardines and because the noise level is absolutely unbearable. The occasional organ trill is okay but, hey, whatever happened to good old-fashioned `discussion’ of the game? LIterally, one cannot hear what one thinks at these dissonant screech-fests. (There you go, la Punkette, people are too benumbed to be able to do more than process a few lines at a time – tack this on to your ADD claim.) My stance: get rid of all the expletive deleted amped-up noise of whatever kind in whatever language. A bas les maudits vendeurs de bruit!!

    DK, you wanna see hot quebecoises, you’ve gotta go up to the Lac St. Jean region … oo la la!

  2. Dennis Says:

    Der Habinator, great to see your words again. Pretty well everyone’s left me for the time being I guess, but I just keep plugging along.
    You have to get a computer, and fast.

  3. der Habinator Says:


    Thanx. But what’s with the `designer’ squares? Your wife doing her Spring cleaning? If they must be filled in then at least make em bleu, blanc et rouge, eh?

  4. danielleia Says:

    Maybe the Ole song would sound better if Castro were to sing it. Maybe. I say we all vote off devil hab for not liking horrible crappy pop music.

  5. Morgane Says:

    Hi !
    I am a french girl. I vote for Françoise David and Québec Solidaire.

    The truth is : most of french quebecers don’t care about english music at the hockey games ! But what we read in the newspapers is rarely what most french quebecers think, but what the few extemists think…

    Even though I love Canada and I think that we, quebecers, should take example on english candian for some things (like politeness), I think that it would be better if we seperate.

    On the other hand, I have to admit I am deeply ashamed by some separatists like Michel Brûlé or Pierre Falardeau…

    Thanks for reading me.

  6. Morgane Says:

    (And I also whish I’d speak english better)

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