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Sure There’s Interest In The NHL Playoffs. You just Have To Go Looking. May 8, 2008

The NHL conference finals begin tonight when Dallas clashes with Detroit, and tomorrow, when Pittsburgh and Philadelphia get at it. I’m sure there are still a few fans left who care.

Folks on the Canada’s west coast stopped watching hockey more than a month ago, when their Vancouver Canucks imploded and missed the post season.

Folks in Alberta got a few games of excitement in before the Flames bowed out to San Jose, but Edmonton fans could’ve cared less about that anyway.

Folks in Ontario started checking out cricket and full-contact knitting a long time ago, when the Leafs and Senators did what they do best, and that is look feeble when spring rolls around.

And Habs fans in Quebec and elsewhere are still recovering from the disappointment of not seeing their team march on toward the big prize. (me, for example).

A few people in Nova Scotia will continue to watch because local boy Sidney Crosby is still at it.

Fans in Russia will have to work hard to see their boys Evgeny Malkin and Pavel Datsyuk perform because if you’ve ever been to Russia, you’ll know what I’m talking about when it comes to getting games on TV.

Fans in Sweden will see Johan Franzen and Henrik Zetterburg, but only if they set their alarm clocks for the middle of the night.

Probably, though, hockey fans in Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Finland are more excited about the World Championships than they are about round three of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

And people in the US don’t like hockey, or at least that’s what I keep hearing. You know, on the popularity lists we hear about from time time based on TV ratings, hockey is just after badmonton, bowling, ping pong, tiddly winks, and marbles in most states.

However, Philadelphia has their big-time fans. I know this because I heard from most of them during the Montreal series. Pittsburgh fans will also like what they’re seeing, as do folks in Detroit and Dallas.

Detroit is a big-time hockey city, and Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have a long and healthy history of the game.

Dallas is a curious one, though. This is football and basketball country. And barrel racing. But somehow, a couple of hundred thousand Texans embraced the game of hockey.

Of course, hockey’s been around for years in Texas, mostly in the form of minor league teams like the Dallas Blackhawks and Austin Ice Bats, or the Houston Aeros of the long-defunct World Hockey Association. So love of the game is there, but how much?

I suppose, when you think about it, when you have a state with a population of 22 million, you’re bound to find a couple of hundred thousand hockey fans, many of whom go to actual games.

Even when the rodeo’s on.


I know exactly that’s there’s rabid fans in New York state. Faithful reader (which I appreciate so much)Danielleia in Buffalo, for example, loves her Sabres. And years ago, I mentioned the Rangers on a subway in New York City, and some guy who thought I was saying bad things about his team wanted to punch me out.

( I wasn’t saying bad things about the Rangers. I only said I wouldn’t mind going to a game. You have to be careful on New York subways.) 



One Response to “Sure There’s Interest In The NHL Playoffs. You just Have To Go Looking.”

  1. der Habinator Says:


    I’m still watching. I’m sure you noticed – no posts for the Pens.

    Hockey is much bigger in the north-central/-east U.S. than people realize. Course, America is such a vast teeming melting pot of, well, everything, we tend to lose sight of the trees due to the overwhelming intimidating complexity of its looming writhing socio-political massiveness. And a big problem with the perception of hockey there is that it is very much a `victim’ of the current post-modern ideological racial bs which – of course, in the name of virtue – has merely reinforced old racial stereotypes (hey, compare the standing vertical jumps of `white’ volleyballers to `black’ basketballers … hmmm) and further entrenched the boffo profit-generating niches provided to those eager and willing to profit from the politics of race (The right righteous Rev Al Sharpton step right up!). Yeah, in the States race is more than a colour/culture-ethnic grouping, it’s big business, it’s entertainment, it’s soul-satisfying mea culpas, its year-round political hay-making, it’s fun fun fun for everyone and a pretty good pay-day for the select few. Is there a rule-of-thumb of social dynamics for this phenomenon? How about this: the popularity of hockey is directly proportionate to the percentage of Americans who believe the only really really sports are American and the only really really good athletes must therefore be American and black. In other words some re-education is once again in order to correct the imblance that resulted from correcting a previous grievous imbalance. Gary, hello, Gary! Are you paying attention? Hire me & I guarantee I’ll begin to turn things around down there. Hmm, can you get me Brett Hull as my chief talking head?

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