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Other Habs May Be Resting In The Off-Season, But I Can’t. Also, Sean Avery Gets A Little More Light-Headed. May 5, 2008

  Although the players will be saying their goodbyes and heading back to the cottages in Sainte Leonard and Sault Ste. Marie, or the dachas in Novopolotsk and Togliatti, I, however, will be continuing my workouts and strict discipline in preparation for when I’m called up as flag guy next season at the Bell Centre.

One thing I don’t need is an injury, so I’ve decided to sit when I’m drinking beer, and also to do as little as possible at work. Can you imagine when they call me to be flag guy and I have to tell them I pulled a muscle while dancing at the Moose Hall, or I’m too exhausted from doing too much for the Man at work?

Also, the photo above isn’t really me. But it kind of gives you an idea of what I’ll look like in my Habs uniform on flag night. In real life, I have legs and a neck.


Sean Avery spent his last playoff chances of the year in the hospital, and missed his team’s (New York Rangers) elimination.

There’s no truth to the rumour that the reason he was hospitalized was for the removal of his ego, which was growing at a dangerous rate.  There might be, however, some truth to the rumour that Avery was the least popular patient in the New York hospital.


That would be the Flyers, Bruins, Devils, Leafs, Senators, Panthers, Hurricane, Lightening, Islanders, Rangers, Avalanche, Canucks, Wild, Stars, Sharks, Kings, Blues, Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Blackhawks, Oilers, Thrashers, Capitals, Penguins, Flames, Ducks, Predators, and Coyotes.

I like the rest, though.


Oh, is hockey still going on?





7 Responses to “Other Habs May Be Resting In The Off-Season, But I Can’t. Also, Sean Avery Gets A Little More Light-Headed.”

  1. danielleia Says:

    1. I will stay a Habs fan if you remove the Sabres from your hate list with the exception of Buffalo vs. Montreal game days.
    2. Everyone knows you have the best Habs blog (no brainer).
    3. Hehehe You’re a backwards Hab.
    4. Did the Flyer fans go back in their holes?
    5. I’ll be your backup flag waver, you know, in case someone tries to trip you down the stairs to steal your life dreams. You always need a backup.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Dani, I’d like to remove the Sabres from the list, but I’m, uh, not very good on the computer and I don’t, uh, know how? Believe me, though, I want to.

  3. Robin Says:

    Maybe I can help with the deleting on the computer and in the cyberworld. All it takes is a few keystrokes. Unfortunately, they’d still be skating on the ice of real life. It’s nice to dream anyways.

  4. Danielleia Says:

    I’m detecting a hint of sarcasm…

  5. Dennis Says:

    Dani, I need you as a Habs fan. Have a look at the list!

  6. danielleia Says:

    Screw it, I’m using this… 😀

  7. der Habinator Says:


    Who hates the Sabres? Ha! I pity them. What a miserable gang of overpaid underachieving punks on skates. Led by Jason PomPom and Waxy Maxy, they sure need more than happy faces to help their sad-sack game. What’s to delete? Nothing there.

    As for the hallucinatory la P, like so many other second-hand Hab fans you entertain delusions of stature that match the ineptness of your Sabres on the ice. La P, you don’t bargain with Habbers for recognition, you grovel and kow-tow, you earnestly and sincerely kiss our collective and individual asses in abject gratitude for being allowed the privilege of basking in the reflected light of Habdom. Get a grip, la P! Learn your proper place in the natural order of things! It will save you a lot of verbal pummelings and there may just be hope for you to move up a rank or two. Who knows, one day you might experience a revelation and come over to the light. And, oh yeah, lose the dope pic!

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