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The Philadelphia Flyers Got It Done. Montreal Didn’t. May 3, 2008

I’m at work this evening, and I watched the scores come in from the computer, so I know without going home to see the recording, what happened. It’s a very disappointing time. Montreal couldn’t get it done. But they’re a young team with lots of positives, and next year will be better.

Philadelphia deserved this series. How could they not? They took out the Habs in a measly five games. Their goalie was better than our goalie. RJ Umberger was better than Alex Kovalev.

How could Montreal allow three goals in three minutes when they were up 3-1? I dunno. I didn’t see it. And I’m not going to watch it when I get home because I don’t feel like it.

To all the die-hard Flyers fans that have been reading my blog, I say good for you and your team, and I hope you’ll read my stuff from time to time as I’ll be posting every day year round. You guys had some great comments and feedback, and you definitely added a lot of colour to this. All’s fair in love and war.

And to the great Habs fans who have been faithful readers as we took this gigantic roller coaster ride, I know you’ll continue to check in. There’s lots to talk about. We gotta figure out together how to make our team better.

So back to work for a few more hours, then the long drive home. I’m not feeling on top of the world right now, that’s for sure.

Hoping to hear what went wrong. Please let me know.


8 Responses to “The Philadelphia Flyers Got It Done. Montreal Didn’t.”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hi Dennis,
    I was thinking about you tonight, hoping you were doing okay. I know how much you love your team, but you said it, there’s always next year.
    Take care, talk to you soon.

  2. Brian Says:

    Dennis: At the end of the day, last night’s game came down to goaltending and ours was just not good enough. The second one that Price gave up was really soft and things unraveled from there. I think he has to really think long and hard over the summer about his style of play. He is huge, yet he goes down early and often and exposes what appears to be a very weak glove hand. Stand up, go to the top of the blue paint or beyond and cut down the angle. Make yourself big! His rebound control needs some serious work as well. He gave up some really fat ones last night that you don’t even see in pickup hockey. Finally, he just scares the poop out of me when he comes out of the net to play the puck. It seems that his communication with the defensemen is very poor. I really feel badly for Halak. He was never given a fair shot by the Habs this year. Had he won Game 4, things might have been different with him starting last night. We will have a better team next year than the one that took the ice this season. We finally have a management team in place that knows what they are doing.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Thanks Brian. Have a great summer and hope you keep reading.

  4. Jim Wills Says:

    Hey Dennis. Don’t be down. This team gave us one hell of a ride that I never saw coming. Koivu at the beginning of the season said this team couldn’t compete for the Stanley Cup. Conference Champions. WOW!!!! They came further than I would have imagined.
    This is a team on the rise whose future shows nothing but upside. Price is a keeper who will back stop this team to even better days ahead.
    Nothing more to be said than, “We’ll get em next year”.

  5. Dennis Says:

    Jim. Great to hear from you. I knew you still liked the Habs, regardless of the Senators. Thanks for the positive words here. Montreal’s going to come out flying next year.

  6. Doug McIntosh Says:

    I’ve been a habs fan since the early seventies when as a young teenager I discovered Montreal playing against some American based team and their Stanley Cup victory satisfied my developing patriotism and anti-American views. It wasn’t hard to join the habs family as they seemed to dominate the springtime more often than not and I have the scrap books to prove it. Of course the early eighties felt like we were being denied our rightful place and the world only returned to normal when we won in 86. It was more of the same in 93. In hindsite despite the the two championship seasons the Canadiens weren’t an elite team through much of the last 28 years. In that time when we lost in the playoffs or didn’t make the post season it was too often a feeling of thank God that season is over. Which brings me to this year. More today than any other year that I can remember I can’t wait until next September. There is so much potential with this team. And what that potential gives us is hope, real hope that this team is once again ready to resume its place as one of the elite teams in the league. It has been a long time coming.
    One last thought. Umberger…Umm..burger? Sounds like you can’t decide what to have for lunch! Of course he could say he had habs for breakfast! That’s it the lights are out I’m outta here.

  7. der Habinator Says:


    UH? Don’t be down? If you are not suffering the agonies of defeat in all their horrific manifestations then you, Sir, would be naught but an ignominious panjandrum! I know you’re not so therefore I know that you are squirming in pain which is comforting because as is well known, misery luuuvs company.
    As for that touchy-feely Linda: give her a last cig and a blindfold!

    The post-mortens are easy for this series: 1) the best team lost – and the Habs were clearly the better team in every game, the Flyers did not `deserve’ to win this series and certainly the final 4-1 is one of the most misleading results I’ve ever seen. But, hey, that’s sports and sometimes luck just isn’t with you which it clearly was not with us; 2) we did not lose because of our goal-tending, we lost because of the Flyers’ goaltending and their goalposts/our poor shooting; 3) We definitely need at least one power forward with an attitude – for example, Latendresse just did not show up for work and if he is to remain a Hab he would be well-advised to take a course in anger managment – murdermaimmassacre – and perhaps review a few tapes of Lambert when he was cooking; 4) we were better than the Flyers but we weren’t good enuf to win the cup which means we need more depth which I think will be forthcoming next year.

  8. der Habinator Says:

    la P,

    I’m talking about `mommie’s boyz’ not girlz – u sound like you are not a `daddy’s girl’ which is, to say the least, heartening.

    If the Buddha were alive today he’d probably be a Sabre fan or one of those HugBunnies in Ottawa. Hehehehe, he’d probably also be lobbying for the league to use those `illuminated’ hockey pucks. As for the Catholics (no, I’m not one) but, if nothing else, they know how to put on a good show!

    Who is Sarah Silverman? Another punkette? Is she a stripper? Some kind of Hollywood movie ho? Is she a Daddy’s girl? Is she a Catholic or a Buddhist or a Seventh-Day Adventist?

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