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Sounds Like A Country Song: The Dog Got Run Over By A Pickup Truck, I Gotta Pay Money To The Man, And The Philadelphia Flyers Beat The Habs April 30, 2008

It hasn’t been a great day. The dog at work got hit by a truck and had to be put down. When I got home there was a big and unexpected bill in the mail.

And then the Habs started playing. 

Most teams, at one time or another, go through general scoring slumps. It’s not uncommon, and eventually they work their way out of it. But it often takes time.

Montreal’s scoring slump has happened, inexplicably, in the playoffs, and there’s no time to work it out. It has to be now. Not next week. They’ve dug a deep hole, and there’s been only periodic flashes of fire and getting their noses dirty during this second round against the Flyers.

They’re off their game, that’s for sure, even though they’re outshooting the bad guys.

Oh, there was excitement when the Habs stormed back from a 2-0 deficit to tie it, but Steve Begin, with only a few minutes left in the game, took a charging penalty, and Daniel Briere of all people scored shortly after. It ended 4-2, and now the Habs need the next three games.

It’s not the first time over the past few years that Steve Begin has taken an untimely and costly penalty.

This is a bad day.

And if John in Philadelphia wants to continue his immature cracks about Canada and the Habs, could he at least spell the team’s name right. It’s the Montreal Canadiens, John, not the Montreal Canadians. Thank you.

Game note:

Next game is Saturday at the Bell Centre. Will Carey Price play? Or will Jaroslav Halak be back for a second night?





14 Responses to “Sounds Like A Country Song: The Dog Got Run Over By A Pickup Truck, I Gotta Pay Money To The Man, And The Philadelphia Flyers Beat The Habs”

  1. John Anderson Says:

    Thanks for correcting my spelling. I’ve learned three new things today. One, the proper spelling of Canadiens. Two, the name Habs at one time stood for farmers. Three, your hockey team stinks. If not for the fluke goal with 29 seconds left in the first game we’d be waving brooms in Philly right now.
    Even you must confess that almost being swept by a team as the Flyers with their slow defensemen does not say much for the Canadiens. Whne does the CFL kick off again?
    ps..I know I’m being a pain in the butt coming into a Canadiens blog and whooping up the Flyers…but geez,
    no one gave us a chance last week. ESPN was saying that
    the Flyers had a good rebuilding year and losing to Montreal in the second round was nothing to hang your head about.
    So as long as the wave lasts, I’ll be riding it.

  2. John Anderson Says:

    ESPN poll from last week:
    1) Which team will advance to the conference finals?

    74.5% Canadiens, 4-0 (<—-Cocky Canadiens)
    2.3% Canadiens, 4-1
    10.7% Canadiens, 4-2
    2.1% Canadiens, 4-3
    0.2% Flyers, 4-0
    0.1% Flyers, 4-1 (<—humble Flyer fans)
    7.3% Flyers, 4-2
    2.8% Flyers, 4-3

    If the Flyers when the next game that means 0.1% will have been right.

  3. Another exciting night for Flyers fans. Just when we think we outta there they pull us back in! Marty Biron is the MAN! The Habs are melting when they face those blue eyes. I don’t know if it’s possiable to wrap this up Saturday but I know the Habs are done! Revenge is best served with a hard forecheck!!!!!!!!1

  4. Danielleia Says:

    Marty Biron is the man but he’s also a Flyer (NO) and seeing I’m a bandwagon Montreal fan, PRICEY is the man. Ryan Miller is also (not-in-the-playoffs-but-still) the man.

    Sorry about the dog, Kaners.

  5. Danielleia Says:

    And the Habs too.

  6. PhillyPhan Says:

    Sorry to hear about the dog. That truly is sad. I don’t know if I’d even compare that to my favorite team losing a playoff series.

    One thing is for sure: you seem to disagree with Coach Carbo. He says habs are out playing flyers. Are they or aren’t they? He says it’s all Biron. Now that I recall, many of the best playoff games did come down to goal tending.

    Are the Fylers dirty? They don’t look any dirtier to me than any other team. OK, we had a run of some suspensions earlier in the season. Some were definitely warranted. In the playofss though? Didn’t look like Bouillon had any difficulty getting right back up and cross checking Hatcher in the back. Penalty worthy? Probably. But not 5 minute major worthy. I won’t even go into the Richards Kneeing penalty. How about that 5 on 3 in game 3. Then Downie gets boxed again by a diving manuever he must have picked up from Ovechkin. Hey, Sid the Kid, are you taking notes? But through this the Flyers persisted. I like how Flyers are plagued with such a low penalty kill percentage, but then again, how many penalties have been called against them. Somethings bound to break.

    Philly does seem to get less shots. But habs just aren’t showing up. Yep, that’s it.

    Let’s face it. The Flyers have something going that is disrupting the habs. The shots they are taking may be good, but Flyers aren’t allowing them to set up a good screen. They complain they keep hitting the pipes. Wait, Flyers did that too, but they get the rebound. Almost every goal I’ve seen from the Flyers has resulted from a methodical play setup. Not some fancy puckhandling on a breakaway. Oh, except for the shorthanded goal by Richards in #3.

    So yes, the Flyers are taking less shots, but it seems to me that they’re setting up better plays with them. Look beneath the surface. Maybe Stevens has figured out a style his own that works with Philly. Only time will tell, and most of us Phily fans figured this was a rebuilding year, so anything in the playoffs is gravy. But after having watched the Flyers religiously for many years, they are not the same brute force team that relied only on Brawn. They are pulling together as a concerted team, at least 3 solid lines, gelling together. I think if anything, they just need to work on the blue line a bit more to give Biron a break. Then again, maybe that’s keeping him sharp.

    So, I think you have to give more credit to the Flyers than simply stating that the Habs have lowered their level of play. Flyers a cup-worthy team this year? I don’t think they’ll get past the Penguins. Don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to see that, but I do think they’re missing a critical piece of the puzzle.

  7. Mike Williamson Says:

    Well we have now dug a deep hole to rise from,out shot them out chanced them,hands of stone, laser eye treatment required?Quite a few years ago Patrick Roy decided he was more than the team & dictated when he would practice & how much effort he would put forth. Mario the coach at the time bided his time & hung him out to dry on that night Roy had his melt down.I think Carbo did the same to Price who was quoted in the media as stateing “well yes I expect to be in goal” even though he had 2 sub par games. I hope this got is attention, yes he will be a top flight goalie but you are not bigger than the total package (TEAM) !! As for John A who cares what he wants to delude himself into believing,without the puck hitting crossbars,posts etc. the series should be over 5-1 Les Canadiens!!He should hope their luck continues,but luck is fickle & could change at any moment !!!
    GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!

  8. breakabone Says:

    With all the whining going on up there in Montreal you’d think Sid the Kid played for the Habs. Carbo needs to stop acting like a kid who’s not getting his way and had the nerve to to say Begin’s penalty was unwarranted…push your team hard Guy and stop trying to act like you guys deserve this thing. Prove it instead
    Is it so hard to admit you are being outplayed by Biron? Give him credit.
    As to the Briere drama I’m beginning to understand why he didn’t sign with Les Canadien

  9. Mike Williamson Says:

    Typo Correction should read 4-1 not 5-1.Have a good couple of day’s John.
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!

  10. Dennis Says:

    It’s not hard to admit Biron has played better than our guys. I’ve mentioned it several times.

  11. Doug McIntosh Says:

    To all those Flyer fans who feel the need to gloat I have but one response. Tis better to be a Habs fan and lost then to be Flyer fan and won. No matter the outcome of this or any other series between the two teams Montreal will always be the storied franchise while Philly will always be the Broad Street Bullies. Good night Kate.

  12. Dennis Says:

    Welcome aboard, Doug! Your words are like a cold beer on a hot day. Thanks.

  13. breakabone Says:

    According to who doug? Where doth that pronouncement come from?

  14. breakabone Says:

    Well, good night Les Canadiens. Au Revoire….was a good series though. should be a great year next year….and I mean that sincerely

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