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Philadelphia Steals Game Three. Carey Price Struggles And Provides Serious Drama For Game Four April 28, 2008


Kate Smith singing God Bless America didn’t win the game for the Philadelphia Flyers. She hasn’t since 1975. No one on the Flyers won the game for the Flyers.

Montreal won the game for the Flyers.

The Habs were ineffective during an early-game two man advantage. They held a big edge in play in the first period. They hit three posts. Carey Price, looking shaky, was replaced by Jaroslav Halak in the third, and the team responded by outshooting Philly 16-2. But it wasn’t enough, losing in the end 3-2, and the team is now down two games to one. They need game four so badly, there’d better be focus, concentration, commitment, no late-night dinners, no over-doing the beer or wine, and a good, reasonable curfew these next two nights.

They couldn’t score. Mind you, they got two on the power play when slow-poke Derian Hatcher took a five minute major in the third. And they stormed the Flyers net for most of the third. But they had gotten behind early in the game, and it was too much to come back when Biron is playing like he is. 

And most disturbing of all, Carey Price, for far too many games now, has been only pretty good at best. Not great. Not Ken Dryden, or Terry Sawchuk, or Roger Crozier, or Jacques Plante. He’s just been Carey Price, which, in this playoff year, has not been outstanding. It’s a concern because we need Price to be the second coming of Plante and Dryden, and no one less.

So the question is. Can Carey Price make his name this year in the Stanley Cup playoffs, or are these chapters yet to written?

Game four is Wednesday night, and will the questions be answered. Is the power play back? Will the Kostitsyn’s play better. Where is Mike Komisarek? Will Martin Biron look human? And will Carey Price rebound and deliver? 

Game note:

Kudos to Robert over at Eyes on The Prize. Robert has a fantastic Habs site which he continues to tweak, and the photo of him sitting at the Habs press conference table is brilliant. (You can click on Eyes on the Prize over in my blogroll).




17 Responses to “Philadelphia Steals Game Three. Carey Price Struggles And Provides Serious Drama For Game Four”

  1. John Anderson Says:

    Re-habs would be a better name. Price sucks and so it doesn’t really matter how good your team is if you can’t stop the puck.
    Phillies led the league in scoring last season, but since their pitching was poor they didn’t go anywhere in the post season.
    Montreal will see the same thing happen to them. A 20 year old goalie that lets up soft goal is not going to cut it. Maybe next year. And as for Daniel Briere not wanting to play for Montreal who could blame him. Who wants to live in Canada???
    Ugly women, cold weather and high taxes. Gee, tough choice.

  2. Dennis Says:

    It’s guys like you who makes us proud to be Canadians. Cold weather? I don’t know where youy live, but I’ve got seven palm trees in my yard. Ugly women? Gimme a break. High taxes? I suppose it’s kind of a trade off. At least we don’t get suckered when we go to the doctor’s.
    This blog’s all about fun and hockey feedback. Why would you post such garbage?

  3. Mike Williamson Says:

    All I can say is OH!OH!.By the way John A. that Roseanne Barr sure is a Hottie !!!!Rosie’s not bad either !!! I guess thats a couple of your super chicks.

  4. danielleia Says:

    Ahhh Pricey’s just feeling the pressure. He’ll be fine, it’s his first playoff run.

    Don’t worry Kaners, John must be from L.A. Warm weather… fake girls… semi-mentally challenged… Yep, definitely L.A. Do you have teeth, John? Carolina maybe? As for high taxes and cold weather, he’s definitely NOT a New Yorker.

  5. danielleia Says:

    P.S. Why does everybody go for the ugly women comment?

  6. John Anderson Says:

    Just trying to get a rise out of you. I actually live in the north suburbs of Phiadelphia. Hence, that’s why I am a Flyers fan.
    The only thing that urks me is that after every loss the Canadian fans say they gave that one away, or we beat ourselves. The way I look at it is if not for a bad call in the first game that gave the Habs a power play in the last minute of the game it would be 3-0 Philly. I have watched the Flyers all year and consider them about a 5 on a scale of 1-10 af far as ability. That is why I can’t understand how we keep getting 2 goal leads other than for Price. Maybe he should be watching this year. If the two teams swapped goalies I would think the Canadians would be up in the series. When does the CFL start? That should be an exciting thing to look foward to after this series.

  7. der Habinator Says:


    One of the things I like best about your site is that, well, you pretty well include all and sundry. I especially enjoy the fact that, hehe, you include me! That said, there’s been some good action since I last checked in (busy week, coming into the library more often than usual).

    First, we lost a game to a mediocre team whose true `cheap-shot thuggish’ style is starting to manifest itself – take away a hot goalie & hotter posts & they would be, in the immortal words of Tiger Williams, “done like dinner”.

    Second, a phlunkey and an idiot show up one after the other, wow! bada-bing bada-boom! Then, as a special bonus, the Punkette comes outta the woodwork. Great entertainment value on this site!

    Flyers a better team than they get credit for? LOL. UH? Severely outplayed by the Caps and severely outplayed by the Habs – granted, the goalie is part of the team but, hehe, in all else, in terms of skill – puck-control, passing, hits (clean!), positional play, skating ability, hockey intelligence, etc etc, possession time, shots net, scoring chances, etc etc the Philly Phlunkeys are clearly and `measurably’ second-rate. Did I mention those classic phlunkey teammates, the goal-posts? But, hey, the fact that mediocrity can occasionally shine is one of the undeniable charms of playoff-hockey, one of those `je ne sais pas’ qualities that make watching the games worthwhile. Gotta luuuv that phlunkey – living proof that the particular sub-species of homo sapiens sapiens living in Philladelphia are at least three, probably more, rungs below Habbers on the evolutionary ladder. I mean, c’mon, when are you phlunkies gonna learn how to watch hockey? Hmmm, maybe when you get a team that knows how to play it?? On the upside, phlunkey, you could be lower, you could be a Leaf fan.

    As for the Idiot, nothing like really stupid stoooopidity to liven up a blog. Old Will comes to mind here: ” …. a poor player/That struts and frets his hour upon the stage/Then is heard no more. It is a tale/Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury/Signifying nothing”. Hehhe, the barbarians no longer live north of civilization ride horses and shoot off arrows, nowadays hordes of them live south of the border where they sit on their couches and shoot off their mouths. I mean, OUCH! all those monsyllabic words he shot at us, what stunningly eloquent verbal barbs – unfortunately, they can’t penetrate the thick walls of the snow forts we live in, eh? So, DK, be a sport and send the idiot a carton of genuine hand-crafted (none of that soulless American assembly-line techno-gunk up here) Canadian snowballs so he can embed his immortal words in them on little slips of paper, sorta like anti-chinese fortune cookies, and lob `em at us poor freezing Canadiens huddled behind our walls of snow and ice. Be sure to include instructions on how to use them!

    Ahh, the Punkette, gotta luuuuv her! And, dare I say it? A ray of hope is finally shining out of her Sabre soaked head?
    Nice pic, Punkette! As for Pomminville, he’s a Sabre, so he is by definition a punk and, like it or not, he is dopey looking. The fact that he is in the Lady Byng running only makes him ultra-punky and super-dopey. Only you (or all girl fans excluding, of course, hockey-moms?) and the HugBunnies think the Lady Byng has anything to do with hockey let alone brag about it. Sigh, Punkette, there does seem to be hope but you do have a loooong hard road to walk.

  8. der Habinator Says:


    Rats! I post my entry then see that the phlunkey is actually a rung closer to enlightened existence than suggested by his first entry. But, no, can’t blame Price. The Phlunkies are just currently in favour with those inscrutable Hockey Gods which will, in the end, abandon them. They squeaked by the Caps on luck and so far it is holding up against the Habs. They are clearly the weakest team remaining and sooner or later this will tell – heheheh, of course I prefer sooner.

    Punkette! Luuv those fangs!!

  9. der Habinator Says:

    I meant phlunkey/idiot ..hehehehe

  10. danielleia Says:

    John, don’t lie. I totally pwned you and you know it. Don’t be ashamed to admit it. I’m completely ticked off you stole my Marty B. and Danny B. I hate the Flyers. You gave them Flyer germs and cheesesteak. But don’t get too cocky, we did train them to their best ability, you know. OH! OH! RYAN MILLER IS ON TV AT THE FLYERS GAME! Sorry, I’m getting away from my point. Once a Sabre, always a Sabre. Maybe you can answer my question that no one seems to have an answer to… WHAT IS A FLYER?

    Thanks, Devil Hab. I can be a beeyotch when threatened.

  11. Brian Says:


    People from Philadelphia are, my inlaws excepted, absolutely miserable examples of those inhabiting the “Lower 48.” I am a New York CIty boy born and bred and I understand their animosity. Ever since our Declaration of Independence, it has been all downhill for them. Washington is our Nation’s capital and New York is the financial center of the world. Philly is between the two and is of little import. Like New Jersey, it’s just a layover on a trip to somewhere else. They have yet to come to grips with the fact that the Pennsylvania Railroad went bankrupt in the ’60s and the Navy Yard closed. To be blunt, Philadelphia is known as the City of Losers. Who in their right mind would question the beauty of Canadian women? Man, lay out some wood and get your sorry behind to the Quebec Winter Carnival boyo! The problem with guys in Philly is that they confuse “easy” with “beauty.”

  12. John Anderson Says:

    Wow…angry Canadians. Nothing worse than that, other than maybe a blister on your foot.
    Speaking of Canadians. What’s the difference between
    Moosehead in the states compared to Moosehead in Canada?
    In the states Moosehead is a beer, in Canada it’s a misdemeanor.
    I was thinking, since you guys always spot us a two goal lead,
    would you like to just start the game 2-0. It would give you more time to catch up. Maybe the refs can throw you a few more calls too. You brag about out playing had a 5 on 3 and 5 on 4 for half the game. And as long as we are ripping on one another’s country…what the heck is a maple leaf doing on your flag. That’s the most majestic thing you could come up with…a leaf? Please!!!

  13. John Anderson Says:

    Please, someone tend to the grassy knoll behind Martin Biron.

  14. Dennis Says:

    John. A lot of the angry replies to you have been from your fellow Americans.

  15. John Anderson Says:

    Americans routing for the Canadians? What is this world coming to? Must be Ranger fans who have given up all hope on their team.

  16. John Anderson Says:

    opps..sorry for the typo…”rooting”

  17. John Anderson Says:

    This is getting to be a trend. 2 goal lead again. LOL.
    Go Flyers and goodnight Canadians. All talk, no goal scoaring.
    Wait, don’t tell me…you gave this one away.

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