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A 1930’s Love Story. Plus, The Flyers Even The Series, And Montreal Will Now Win In Five Games Instead Of Four. April 26, 2008


Sometime in 1933, when times were hard and prohibition was in full swing, Foster Hewitt and Francis the Talking Mule, while on a secret rendezvous in Newfoundland, and in a fit of flaming passion, conceived a love child, a bouncing baby boy.

They named him Bob…… Bob Cole.


Game two served notice that this is going to be a chippy series. Philadelphia may have won the game 4-2 and evened the series, but this thing’s bound to get ugly before Montreal eliminates the bad guys. Fred Shero’s shadow remains cast over the Flyers even in this day and age.

Montreal had their chances, to be sure. They could have won this game by three or four goals. Christopher Higgins hit the post late in the game. Almost everyone came close at one time or another. But Flyers goaltender Martin Biron was good, Carey Price not quite so good, and Mike Richards and Derian Hatcher are a couple of pricks.

That’s my summary.

Don Cherry said afterwards that Montreal played dopey in both games. What am I missing? I keep hearing how lousy they’re playing, but they outshot the Flyers, had breakaways, hit posts, created tons of chances, more scoring chances than Philadelphia, and although they lost, I didn’t think they looked that bad. Not bad at all.

But why do I keep thinking I must be watching a different game than everybody else? All I’ve heard, from Foster Hewitt’s love child, to Cherry, to Greg Millen, to newspaper writers and TV people, is how poorly the Habs are playing. 

I don’t see it. Of course they can play better, but they’re not flat like they were in the Boston series. Far from it. Montreal’s playing well enough to win this series, that’s for sure.

And global warming’s going to get a lot warmer when all these media Hab-haters’ asses are burning.  

Game note:

For those of you who aren’t sure who Bob Cole is, he’s the CBC play-by-play guy, and the illegitimate son of Francis the talking mule. 



5 Responses to “A 1930’s Love Story. Plus, The Flyers Even The Series, And Montreal Will Now Win In Five Games Instead Of Four.”

  1. Mike Williamson Says:

    I don’t know if you agree or not, but on some of those close-up shots of Price after those early goals his eyes reminded me of a dear caught in the head lights of an oncoming car.Hope he shakes it off & plays up to his usual high standards!We need atleast a split in Philly if not both games,it’s going to be a rough ride in their barn.The up side is we really did play a very good game some bad luck & great effort from Biron.I’d be a little worried if the effort had’nt been there but it was & thats a good sign we’re ready for game # 3!!We just need to have Price bounce back & focussed !!
    GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!

  2. Brian Says:

    The Habs cleared the table against the Flyers as well during the regular season. Maybe like the Bruins, they were due for a win. I thought some of the goals on Price were weak last night and he is obviously getting a fair amount of stick from fans and the press after the fact. But to be fair, when you have as many glorious scoring chances as the Habs had last night and pot just two, the rest of the team has to bear some of the responsibility for the loss. I am really looking forward to the next two games. Playing at home and shooting on a local kid has not usually helped the Habs. I actually think that getting away from the circus that is Montreal in the playoffs for a few days may do the squad some good.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Man, Mike and Brian make great points. Price is off his game, and Montreal hasn’t always looked good shooting on a home-town boy e.g Martin Brodeur.
    I agree. Getting out of town could be good for them.
    PS. In an unrelated (sort of) turn of events, Pittsburgh’s hardly broken a sweat in this year’s playoffs. This can be good or bad for the Habs in the next round.

  4. der Habinator Says:


    What’s to say? Flyers had four chances to score and scored on `em all. Habs clearly much better team but goals count & we’ve gotta get more. Biron was great. The posts were better. Is this gonna be a repeat of the Cap series when the Caps completely outplayed them, too? One thing we’ve gotta do is stop trying to be fancy, stop making that extra pass – blast away and pound em hard simply because the Flyers are jamming the front of their own net so, hey, make them pay for this cheap tactic.

    Francis, eh? Yeah, makes sense. I mean, I suspected Olive Oyl (Bluto was just a decoy) but, now that I think about it, OO was way too classy for Hewitt. And, Foster was, well, funny, eh?

  5. Dave from Philly Says:

    Hey – Dave from Philly here and while I have to agree with most of the other posts, I can’t help but say that the Flyers are a better team than many give them credit for . . . and that is without one of their superstars, Simon Gagne, who is out for the season having sustained 3 concussions. Danny Briere leads all players in the Stanley Cup for total points. Prospal is not far behind him and Carter and Richards are both elite players. And Biron may be playing better than any other goalie in the entire NHL right now. All told – a formidable team and that after having had the worst record in the sport last year. The Flyers should have won Game 1 as well, allowing the Habs to tie in the last 30 seconds after outplaying them all night. In fact, the Flyers played better in Game 1 (until the end) than Game 2. The regular season record doesnt mean anything in the post-season. The outcome of this series is far from the foregone concusion some of you guys seem to think it is. Welcome to Broad Street tonight!! GO FLYERS!!!

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