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Bring On The Broad Street Broads April 23, 2008

Daniel Briere didn’t want the pressure that goes with being a Montreal Canadien, so he signed with the Philadelphia Flyers instead. This young French Canadian star would have been a huge hero in Quebec. He would have been a star in the kingdome of hockey, Montreal. If he had a great seven years or so with the Habs, he’d be treated as royalty there for the rest of his life.

But Briere wanted no part of this.

I don’t think he has the balls to be a star in Montreal.

Now he has to play the Habs in round 1. Then, when the series ends, he can crawl back into obscurity.

I watched the Flyers play four times against Montreal this year, and also in game seven against the Capitals, and I don’t see much. Mike Richards needs to be stopped. Steve Downie’s going to take a lot of penalties and has a brief history of cheap shots. Defenceman Derian Hatcher has been around since the 1970’s, hasn’t he?  He’s slow. I can see Kovalev and the Kostitsyns’s burning him on a regular basis. Briere’s their leading point getter with 10 points so far in the playoffs. He’s a slippery bugger, but he’s small, and the Habs need to quickly make him inconsequential.

Montreal just needs to remember what they did in game seven against the Bruins. Attack instead of being attacked. I think it’s simple.  

Game note:

Game one begins Thursday night 




5 Responses to “Bring On The Broad Street Broads”

  1. Om my God what a game, I was on the edge of my seat the whole game. I was yelling at the TV and making so much noise that my wife came in to see what was going on. she even sat down and watch the third and OT periods. I can’t wait for the next game. After last night I think I going to have to buy an extra ticket and take her with me.

    Let’s go Flyers!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dennis Says:

    Hope you’re not too disappointed when the Habs kick ass.

  3. der Habinator Says:


    Extra trip into town today so I get to once again `hold forth’.

    A Flyer’s fan in the house? Hehehehe, how, well, delightful – a big fat succulent morsel of brain-dead pate de foie du phlunky to dip into. Only good thing about phlunkies is their livers or what’s left of them after that thuggish brand of hockey and that cheap Philly beer has finished washing out the nutrients essential to maintain sentient life. And it doesn’t take long to take a regular Joe/Jane and transmogrify them into feather-brained phlunkies. Wow! Da Philly Phlunky is on the edge of his seat eagerly anticipating Steve Downie’s next moronic cheap shot! Wow! On he’s on the edge of his seat cheering on refs who are gonna show the world that no Ovenchicken (Deanieliea, wherrre arrre yooou?) or fancy frenchy is gonna skate circles around a team of thugs from the city of the Liberty Bell which is cracked, of course. Wow! Da Phlunky is excited because he’s confused, he is so numb to reality he thinks wearing a uniform makes a gang of beetle-browed thugs into hockey players. Duh. Doesn’t he know that in Philly da thieves weapon of choice is the hockey stick? Preferably one autographed by Bobby Clarke. Wow! Da phunkey is gonna be real disappointed tonight when he takes his long suffering martyr of a wife to see the `les Folies de Mugging’ and a hockey game breaks out. Wow! Will he survive the shock? Wow! Nobody is surprised that it doesn’t take much to excite da phlunky. Don’t forget your rattle, phlunky!

    I was gonna enjoy slicing and dicing a Globe journalist who did a rather silly review of the CBC coverage team on Tuesday which I discovered after I did my entry. Hehehe, maybe another time? Maybe this says it all when he says `Eliot Friedman’s work is `strong’ … whatever that means, presumably good and not stinky. LOL. DUH. What in the world does EF do? Fillers & transitions – his job is to say nothing in the most innocuous manner possible. Sigh, it’s almost painful to see these panjandrums getting paid for the shallow bs they write. I imagine that in `this writer’s’ little mind he’s come out and asserted himself with vigour and journalistic courage …hehehhe, an oxymoron? Sure, by all means, slag away, especially the CBC, but please try and make a better job of it than them … which, of course, he did not.

  4. Mike Williamson Says:

    Robert say`s lets go flyers,where is he taking them?? Maybe to Atlantic City`s boardwalk in eight days time !!
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!!!!

  5. danielleia Says:

    I blame the Sabres Management for Briere’s situation. They know full well they screwed up and they admitted it after much complaining from fans. I really really wish he could have stayed. But anywhere he went he would’ve had pressure.

    P.S. I’m still here, I just had lots of craziness for my new school. And it’s been soooo beautiful outside.

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