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Game 5: Nightmare At The Bell Centre April 17, 2008

  GAME 5

Montreal has given us a lot of great and exciting moments this year. Tonight wasn’t one of them.

In a game where the Canadiens could have eliminated Boston and had a nice rest in preparation for the next series, they came out and smelled up the joint. Now they’d better look themselves in the mirror, and take a good, long, hard look.

If they can’t adjust in a close checking series, how do they expect to be successful if they can actually get by Boston and meet other close checking teams?

However, will they actually get by Boston?

Is their game only one-dimensional, a game that is free-wheeling and one which allows Kovalev, the Kostitsyns, Higgins etc. to play only pond hockey and nothing else?

Did they make the mistake of believing their own press clippings that said how great they are?

Will Tomas Plekanec, Chris Higgins, Michael Ryder, the Kostitsyns, Latendresse, and most of the team decide to actually play some playoff hockey before it’s too late? Especially Higgins. Hello 911. I’d like to report a missing person.

Although Carey Price has been so good in this series, it was his gift of dropping the puck in front of his goal, right on the stick of a Bruin, who then scored, which began, and probably caused, the complete collapse.

This team can seriously infuriate me.

I also see that Saku Koivu is the true leader of this team, and if he can skate, which he can, he needs to be in the lineup two days from now.

And now that the Bruins know they can win this series, what’s going to happen Saturday in Boston? Which Montreal team will show up, the great regular season one, or the lousy playoff one? 

Game note:

Montreal stunk 


3 Responses to “Game 5: Nightmare At The Bell Centre”

  1. Mike Williamson Says:

    Dennis I posted before your after game comments.I think if you read my thoughts we`re on the same page “A DISCRASE!!”

  2. Beatnik Says:

    Olay Olay Olay Olay

  3. danny Says:


    They should show what type of hockey they can play,fast skating,fast passing,fast paced hockey ,never mind the heavy hits,just keep it fast,this would frustrate the bruins enough to take penalties,in turn MONTREAL,s powerplay would be fruitful,i think penalties gonna kill the bruins in game 6 if MONTREAL can keep their cool…..

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