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Montreal, With A Big Shutout Win, Made Me Very Happy Tonight April 16, 2008


Whew. That was as blue collar, lunchpail as you’re ever going to see. It was playoff hockey, tough, close, hard- working, well-earned chances at either end. And Montreal won the big one, a 1-0 shutout, and it doesn’t get any better, or any more beautiful than this. Up three games to one and going back to Montreal.

It’s amazing how stressful hockey can be. And how satisfying when the right team wins.

Today I was talking to the local newspaper publisher, a woman who’s always been a tom boy and a hockey fan. She’s a big fan of the local senior team, but she said she didn’t like NHL hockey much anymore. “Too many low scoring games,” she said. “Too boring.”

I wonder if she watched tonight. This low scoring, 1-0 game was anything but boring. It was back and forth, tremendously intense, with non-stop hitting, and with a main sub plot starring Mike Komisarek and Milan Lucic having their private parties.

Montreal made adjustments tonight. But they need more. They stopped Boston’s offence, but their own offence is still a concern. Higgins and Plekanec in particular still haven’t gotten it together, and although I keep mentioning it, they’re obviously not listening to me. What, they don’t read the blog?

And the Kostitsyn’s aren’t playing with the swagger they showed during the regular season.

The good news is that the lone goal scored, by Patrice Brisebois, was a power play goal. Like I said yesterday, the power play’s been their bread and butter.

Three down, thirteen to go.

Game note:

As much as the Boston Bruins give me heartburn,  the Rangers’ Sean Avery gives me slow burn.



5 Responses to “Montreal, With A Big Shutout Win, Made Me Very Happy Tonight”

  1. danny Says:


    I watch the game…..hate those low scoring games,i thought it was boring, to me LES CANADIENS play scared, they should dominate the bruins,play with confidence knowing they can beat them but the game boston won took away that confidence ,see how PRICE play with such confidence and calm..awsome …he save the game and deserve all 3 stars ,i sur hope LES CANADIENS come flying at the bell center,oh ya by the way i think the boston coach is a good sport,did u see when MONTREAL scored,,,instead of rolling is eyes back and lift his hand in distress well he claps his hand at the MONTREAL goal saying it ok guys its ok we can do it,he ,s a good sportman

    good nite senator fans

  2. Dennis Says:

    Danny. You and I must have been watching different games.

  3. Don Says:

    Low scoring games are the best, they’re the ones that make you sweat wondering who’s going to score that one goal.

    One goal in a low scoring game is worth a lot more than one in a high scoring game.

  4. Dennis Says:

    Low scoring games are. of course, more intense. It’s playoff hockey. I agree with Don.

  5. danny Says:


    When i said the CANADIENS were playing scared i meant,not scared physicaly or scared of the bruins in any way,but scared of making mistakes,and jacques demers said it also today after the first intermission,on RDS of course,i think it,s the same game …..ooops boston just tie
    good afternoon


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