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Montreal’s Biggest Game Of The Year Is Tuesday Night April 14, 2008

Right now it matters little that Pittsburgh is poised to sweep the Ottawa Senators, or that Calgary has a shot at doing away with the favoured San Jose Sharks. Or that Dallas is surprising last year’s Stanley Cup champs, the Anaheim Ducks.

All that matters is game four in Boston. Montreal can ill-afford a loss to the newly-renewed Boston Bruins. Because it would be a loss that not only ties the series, but also creates even more momentum for the Bruins.

I’m sure Guy Carbonneau and his coaches are working hard to overcome Boston’s recent adjustments, which have seen the Bruins bottle up Montreal’s attack, and Alex Kovalev especially. For me, it all boils down to the power play. Get that back on track and the series will end quickly. 

One Montreal writer said recently that he doesn’t know why, but the number five is a big number this year. For instance, Montreal won game two, 3-2, which totalled five.

So keeping with that, our Habs can win Tuesday night, and then game five (there’s that five) back in Montreal.

And any long series is never good in the scheme of things, as the road to the Stanley Cup is a long- distance marathon, and Montreal needs to end it as soon as possible to be fresh and healthy for the second round. But I’m not getting ahead of myself. That would be bad luck. And smug.

The Canadiens absolutely need their power play to return. It’s been their bread and butter all year. They need to unravel the ropes the Bruins have tied around them. And in general, they need a big night from everyone, especially the first line.

Every game for the last month has been a huge game for Montreal. But none are bigger than this upcoming game four. 

Am I nervous? Of course I’m nervous. I’d be nervous if the Habs were up three games to nothing. But I also believe in my team.

Go Habs! You’re gonna do it.


2 Responses to “Montreal’s Biggest Game Of The Year Is Tuesday Night”

  1. Mike Williamson Says:

    You touched all the right keys & hit all the right notes !!!
    GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!

  2. der Habinator Says:


    Dammitalltohell I only get to excoriate the barbarians twice a week now & when I do what I write gets trashed before I can post it! In any case, reading the accumulated articles and comments is fun. I see our token Sabre Punkette is getting baffed around by Mike – well, Danielleia, being composed of catnip (like your punky team), I guess you’re eminently `baffable’, eh? Maybe you’ll finally start to learn to appreciate the kind words,gentle approach, and words of wisdom of der Habinator…. like Dk …hehehehe, God Bless our Captain! But, hey, I do like your idea re the Leafs/Bruins jersey …. on Don, speaking of whom …..

    There was Xenophon’s 10,000, Moses had his Big Ten, The Little Taylor took out `9(flies)-in-one-swipe’, there are the every popular 99 bottles of beer (on the wall) and now, there is Don’s 9,000! LOL, every game the poor persecuted Bruins are deprived of 9,000 (count `em!) penalties whenever they play the Habs. Gotta luuuuv Don, especially when his stoooooooooooooooopid (one of the few doods who can actually considerably exceed the standard 10 0s) self takes over which is whenever his Leafs/Bruins are getting their sorry butts kicked by us. Nevertheless, to be fair and not disrespectful, we must acknowledge his point that calls are missed and agree that 18,000 would therefore be the appropriate, albeit absurd, figure for us. Whatever. The principle thing to grasp is that in this respect, doubling the Bruin total for us is a conservative rule-of-thumb. Yup, nothing has changed: watched the 78 final and, hehehe, there it was in action, the time-honoured Bruins/Leafs style which means systematic interference, clutching and grabbing, repeated cheap shots and constant whining when they are called – one instance in the third when 3 of the little effers are mugging Robinson with, of course, no call. But, hey, it’s their style so that’s okay, right?

    That said, we are playing like sad sacks – no intensity, no attitude. It’s PLAYOFF HOCKEY BOYS – U GIVE & U GET THEN U GIVE A LITTLE MORE! Sure, the Bruins are getting away with all kinds of stuff (hehehe, Don’s attempt to distort this evident truth backfired big-time) but so what! We expect that and we expect to surmount it which we will not do by playing a lousy five minutes a period which is simply not even close to being acceptable. And why oh why aren’t we swatting that little bug Savard? Not to say others such as Sturm & Kreijiic. DUH? The first game we played Hab hockey, but since then ….. yuk! DK’s right – tonight’s the night, either we step up and come out banging or we scurry home and hope we can get our heads back into the game because as of now we oughtta be wearing paper bags over them.

    The Flames are a surprise. I honestly didn’t expect them to be playing as well as they are (our guys should check them out!). Damn, keep it up and the Sharks are once again nothing more than a bowl of fancy fin soup.

    The Sens? Rah rah! Rah rahs! Playoff hockey is all about grit which is conspicuously lacking chez eux – again, our guys should watch them to see how not to play.\

    I see the Flyers are, well, getting it done their usual way with the connivance of the usual suspects. Hey, Caps, here’s a simple fact: if you don’t come out and run their goalie, kiss your keesters goodbye.

    Rats, time’s up. Till next time – GO HABS, GO! And, Mike, if the punkette gets outta line feel free to baff her about a bit …hehehe, it builds character if not callouses.

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