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Other Thoughts Because Everything’s Already Been Written April 11, 2008

It’s Friday, the day before the big game at the Bell Centre, and for now, all’s quiet on the eastern front. There’s nothing I can say about this series that hasn’t already been said.

But I have to keep things interesting, so I’ll talk about………

I live in an area jam-packed with Vancouver Canucks fans. But I’ve noticed lately that not person  brings up the subject. It’s like the Canucks don’t exist.

At this very moment, Ottawa is losing 2-0 to Pittsburgh in game 2. My only suggestion to Ottawa fans is that cricket might be a fun sport to switch to.

Pittsburgh is now leading 3-0. Ottawa fans might consider moving to Sri Lanka where the cricket is top notch.

The mayor of Montreal doesn’t want Montreal firefighters to display any kind of support for the Habs outside on the station walls. This mayor is either a commy bastard traitor, or a relative of Powell River’s mayor, who wants to sue three Powell River citizens, including one who’s 86 years old, because they criticized him in some letters to the editor.

It’s now 3-1 Pittsburgh. Ottawa fans are holding off packing for Sri Lanka in case a comeback is in the works.

I phoned in sick for today and tomorrow.

It’s 4-2 Philadelphia over Washington. Pretty well the entire hockey world is picking Washington because they can’t stop salivating over Alex Ovechkin. But one man does not make a team.

Can you imagine what Ovenchkin’s two-week paycheque would be? I’m no mathematician so I’m not even going to try, but he probably brings home a couple of hundred grand every two weeks. If anyone’s figured it out, please let me know.  Isn’t it something like 140 million over 13 years? 

Pittsburgh is now only winning 3-2 over Ottawa. Can Ottawa complete a comeback? Can they get their shit together, win this game, wake up the city, make it a series, and even win this series?

Let me think. Stranger things have happened. A 135 pound Japanese guy can eat about 50 hot dogs in an hour, for example.

We’ll know soon whether Pittsburgh made a big mistake by giving up on three good young players for notorious lousy playoff performer Marian Hossa.

Boston coach Claude Julien says that for some reason, Boston doesn’t play their best games against Montreal, and for some reason, Montreal plays their best games against Boston. Hey, whatever works.

It’s now Ottawa 3, Pittsburgh 3. Ottawa fans are scampering back in from outside and turning their TV’s back on.

Philly and Washington are tied 4-4, and the Rangers are beating the Devils again, 2-0.

Oh, the game’s over in Washington. Ovechkin scored with a little over four minutes left to win the game, 5-4. The guy’s got the world by the tail, that’s for sure. See what happens when you get a little nooky?

Pittsburgh just scored with a only a minute left, and with an empty netter, beat Ottawa 5-3. It’s karma, you know, for Senators fans, that they’re going through such misery. Many of these fans used to be good, faithful Habs fans. See what happens?

I barbequed some steaks and burned them because I was writing all this interesting information.




2 Responses to “Other Thoughts Because Everything’s Already Been Written”

  1. Beatnik Says:

    Hey DK, a Hungry Man dinner isn’t supposed to go on Barbie.

  2. der Habinator Says:


    Big game tonight. Why? Because the intensity level must not only be raised it must also crucially be maintained. We absolutely must come out and play the entire game with unrelenting intensity. No physical let-up. No mental let-down. No Mr. Nice Guy. Now is the time when we must become more, not less, critical of our performance. The momentum is ours, keeping it means working harder, playing smarter, refining refining refining. Away les gars! Foncez!!

    Ducks? More like Turkeys. I cannot believe they lost to the Stars who are limpin’ and ripe for pickin’. Well, they cost me $43 so I hope they get plucked and par-broiled!

    Of course we can’t let firefighters display their trooo colours … why, it might hurt the feelings even, gasp, alienate the delicate sensibilities of non-hab fans and we don’t want that now, do we? I mean, respect for difference is now officially `The Canadian Way’ and members of the Leaf Nation are fellow Canadians, aren’t they? … Aren’t they?

    Canuckleheads being, well, canuckleheads.

    Bob Cole? Ha! Foster Hewitt’s puck-brained`luuv child’.

    As for that impertinent Sabre Punkette: like Sgt. Shultz (If ever you acquire sufficient culture to id him), I know `evrytink!’ and I can assure you that Lawrence is not a hapless victim of the Taylor Pyatt bug – the Canuckleheads were wimping out and underachieving long before he got there … as were your punky Sabres. However, we did have a brush with terminal yuppy guppyness when we had Linden, but we wisely sent him where he belonged ….. with, I like to think, Henri’s stick where it belonged.

    And so, once again, it has begun: the entire universe anxiously awaits the outcome – will equilibrium be restored? will the planets realign in felicitous conjunction? will the world continue to turn? will Truth & Justice emerge triumphant or will a team other than the Habs be victorious? Stay tuned, Sports Fans!

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