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Hold On To Your Hats. Habs Fans Are In For A Joyous Ride April 9, 2008

Most of the hockey world has weighed in on the state of the Montreal Canadiens and how they’ll do in the playoffs. And frankly, most of them are wrong, most of them are overpaid, and most of their mothers wear army boots. And some TSN computer-generated program picked the Habs to go to the finals but lose to San Jose.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Milt Dunnell, Elmer Ferguson, and Jim Proudfoot rose from the ashes to offer their opinions too.

And the common consensus, the recurring theme is this – If you stay out of the penalty box so the Habs don’t get to unleash their fierce power play, and if Carey Price folds because of no playoff experience, then Montreal can be beaten.

Montreal is so much more than what people, other than Habs fans, are giving them credit for. It’s a young team, faster than lightening, with a system that allows for quick breakouts, and with a steady defence that includes the duo that some oppposing players have said recently is the best defence partnership in the league – Andrei Markov and Mike Komisarek.

The team has depth, youth, speed, experience, leadership, closeness, passion, a spirited fourth line, a coach-of-the-year candidate, great fans, spiritual guru Jean Beliveau, and a city of hockey ghosts who have been waiting for years for something like this to happen. The team led the league in goals scored, had the best power play, and got stingier as the season wound down when shorthanded. And if something happened to Carey Price, the team can call on Jaroslav Halak, who was the American Hockey League’s top goaltender three years straight before being called up to the big club.

We’re going to take it one series at a time, beginning with Boston. And if Montreal can go all the way this year, I believe this would be the most special Habs team since the 1970’s. More magical than both 1986 and 1993.

Hold on. It’s going to be great!

In games played tonight, Wednesday night:

Pittsburgh shut out Ottawa 4-0, which is really no surprise since Ottawa’s been in a nosedive for awhile now.

The Rangers went to New Jersey and went away with a 4-1 win which is a bit of a surprise because the Devils are usually pretty stingy (and boring) at home. I’m hoping for the Devils. I don’t want to see Sean Avery any more.

Colorado and Minnesota are tied 2-2 late in the third, and Calgary’s beating San Jose 3-1 early in the third.

But I’ve got to get to bed. Sorry.







3 Responses to “Hold On To Your Hats. Habs Fans Are In For A Joyous Ride”

  1. danny Says:

    i had to work last nite so i miss the games,as soon as i got home i turn on the sport channel,saw the highlights,and thats what i saw.
    good day

  2. danielleia Says:

    DK: Yeah, your PP is deadly. Unfair. hehe

    der Hab: I’m assuming this is what happened to Lawrence. The Taylor Pyatt bug has never bitten Montreal; I wouldn’t expect you to understand. If you ever acquire Taylor Pyatt, this WILL happen to you [sign originated in Buffalo].

  3. der Habinator Says:


    So, far, so good – Flames, Rangers, Avs, picked `em all – now need Ducks, Wings, Wsh & I win – tata -$43!

    Habs gotta put the petal to the metal, no messing around, no lackadaisical floating playing off our past performances against the Beaners – right now we’ve got a huge psychological edge and we absolutely must mash them into taco bean paste.

    Of course, luuuuv to see Flames – Habs final: rubber match, but it won’t happen. Wings or Avs, who may come up with a great `last-hurrah’ set of series, vs either Habs or, guess who?, yup, if one team can upset us it’s the Rangers! Both teams have good balance of experience/youth, speed/team toughness, versatility/talent, steady/resilient defence. The crucial diff will lie in goal! Washington is the sleeper but depends on how much Philly can get away with when they pound on them. Gotta admit, the Ovenchicken ain’t half-baked … hehehehe.

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