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Who Should Win. And The Best Things Boston Has Going For Them April 7, 2008

    Wednesday it starts, the quest for the Cup, with Ottawa visiting Pittsburgh, the Rangers are in New Jersey, Colorado goes to Minnesota, and Calgary takes on San Jose.

On Thursday, the other four series begin, with Nashville travelling to Detroit, Dallas goes to Anaheim, Philadelphia is in Washington, and, last, but not least, the best of them all, the only one that matters, the beginning of the saga – those dastardly Boston Bruins, right now shaking in their boots, jet to Montreal whether they want to or not.

And although Toe Blake said predictions are for gypsies, I’m going to have my say about who I think will win each series. And this isn’t rocket science.

It’s not going out on a limb to say Pittsburgh will beat Ottawa.

The Devils very possibly could be taken out by the Rangers.

Minnesota should beat Colorado because I don’t trust Jose Theodore.

San Jose should wipe the floor with Calgary.

Detroit will have no problem with Nashville.

I’ve no idea who will win the Dallas-Anaheim series, but probably Anaheim will.

Washington, because they’re on such a roll, should beat Philadelphia.

And Montreal will ice an almost healthy team and spank the Bruins like they’ve never been spanked before.

The best thing’s Boston has going for them is:

Don Cherry doesn’t coach them anymore. They’re in big enough trouble already without having any ‘too many men on the ice’ penalties called against them.

Boston goalie Dave Reese no longer plays, so there probably won’t be any Montreal players getting a ten point night like Darryl Sittler did.

Fans at the Bell Centre won’t be in danger because Mike Milbury, who liked to fight up in the crowd, is only a lousy hockey anaylst now.

Eddie Shore is long gone, so Montreal players are safe from getting clubbed over the head.

And Phil Esposito’s retired, so there’ll be no trails of brylcreem all over the ice.




3 Responses to “Who Should Win. And The Best Things Boston Has Going For Them”

  1. danielleia Says:

    Boston: too many men on the ice’ penalties.


    My analysis sucks hahha

  2. der Habinator Says:


    I feel like I’m in a kind of simulacrum of Plato’s infamous cave -I’m out of the loop, I’m getting everything 2/3 days after the fact, events and commentaries are like so many shadows skipping across this blank page, hence the immediacy, the passion of the moment, the spontaneity that makes being …hehehe…. ME so gleefully rewarding has been severely constrained. Nevertheless, reading over your blogs and the comments, I do feel a warm glow of satisfaction suffusing me inasmuch as being der Habinator gives me carte blanche to say (hmm, obnoxious?) stuff like: I TOLD YOU SO! Of course the media shills are not so much pro-Leafs/Bruins/pick a team as they are anti-Habs; of course we aren’t picked to even get by the `bysmal’ `wienners & beans’ (all they’re good for is an excess of methane emissions that contribute immensely to the destruction of the ozone layer) aka `wiennie wanker wuss’ Bruins who you can be sure will be the referees’ pets; of course Pat Hickey is a nub, most of the English montreal media are – the best that can be said for them is they say equally stupid things about everybody, not just the French; of course, we’re a far better team than they want to give us credit for and for good reason – the hockey world is undergoing the usual prepping, setting us up so that when the inevitable bs starts, hey, we aren’t that good anyways, eh?; of course we’ll have to keep our focus, maintain our composure, accept the bs and keep on banging away – especially after they go after who? Kovy? Price? Higgins?; and, of course, Don is gonna say amazingly stooooopid things at this time of year – hehehe, that’s why I luuuv him, his brand of idiocy is pure, unadulterated by the usual double-talk.

    Prediction: we win – it will be tougher than people think for all the usual reason. Also, this series is a crucial one because it will test our mettle, we’ll see if Gainey & Carbo et al. have succeeded in reactivating that traditional (and latent) Hab’s will/intensity/relentlessness into this year’s team, if so, we will come out not only stronger and more cohesive, but `improving’ and definitely the team `to beat’.

    Gotta go, I’m on a time limit here at the local library but I can’t leave without heaping some well-deserved opprobrium on the head of my favourite (well, second-favourite, hehehe, Lawrence hasn’t popped up lately which surprises me given the recent ‘touching’ exchange between his troo-luuuv Trevor & Iggy) whipping-boy (see, there’s sexism in action for you! I mean we can’t say whipping-girl now, can we? An example of the double-standard that females are so willing to exploit.) that incorrigible Sabre punkette, Danielleia: I see that your what? flock of turkeys on skates? Moas that are, hehehe, no moa? Punks without a puck? have gone out with their usual whimper; get a haircut, that way you won’t be watching hockey through a curtain of sabre-Blue hair; and, well, thank you – I am flattered by your sobriquette for me, devil Hab; in French, I can get this as demon Hab which is clearly an allusion to `le demon blond’ so I’m thrilled to think of myself as the Guy Lafleur of DK’s `team’ of what? blog buddies?

  3. der Habinator Says:


    Got back on for a sec & saw la punkette’s resolute attempt to prove Don right!

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