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Dazed And Confused. And Another Classic Montreal-Boston Playoff Series April 6, 2008

Okay, so I’m confused. But it’s the not the first time, and won’t be the last. And I’ve got the best excuse I can think of. I went through the sixties.

Here’s my confusion, and maybe I’ve missed something, and maybe you can clear it up for me.

Pat Hickey in the Montreal Gazette wrote that if Montreal won the eastern conference, which they did when Pittsburgh fell 2-0 to to Philadelphia today, it would be the first time since the 1977-78 season that the Habs did this. So just for fun, I got out my handy, dandy numbers book and saw that, yes indeed, Montreal won the east in ’77-’78 with a whopping 129 points. Boston was second with 113.

But then I noticed something else. The book says the Habs also won the conference in 78-79, when they had 115 points, with Boston again coming in second with 100 points.

And then I noticed that they also won the eastern conference in 1980-81, with 103 points. Then again in ’87-88 with 103 points, then again in 88-89 when they tallied 115 points.

So am I nuts or what. Why am I reading something different than Pat Hickey? Can you help?

Thursday, the show begins. Boston’s packing their spare sticks and jockstraps right now, and probably aren’t feeling real good about the propects of taking on our Habs, considering that Montreal has beaten them eleven straight times dating back to last year.

But I’ve seen before how anything can happen in the playoffs, so there’s no over-confidence here, or smugness, or looking ahead to the second round. No way. The Bruins are a proud bunch, I’m sure, and has tons to prove.

So I’m going to think and talk about this series in a quiet, sombre, respectful, and mature way, and in the end…………………………………….THE HABS ARE GONNA KICK THEIR ASS!



One Response to “Dazed And Confused. And Another Classic Montreal-Boston Playoff Series”

  1. Mike Williamson Says:

    Dennis, Email him & tell him if he hopes to follow in the foot steps of Red Fisher he better get his research done,better still email Red himself & let him know that you know of someone who gets the facts & only the facts(DK)
    Hope CBC carries all the Canadiens games!!
    GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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