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Montreal Ends It Off In Style. Now Bring On The Playoffs And Prove The Experts Wrong April 5, 2008

Don Cherry thinks the Ottawa Senators will do well in the playoffs but the Habs won’t. Broadcaster Bob Cole threw water on the fire every time sidekick Greg Millen started to say great things about the Habs. “Watch their power play,” Millen would say. “Watch how they never stop moving, how unpredictable they are, how hard they are to stop.”

And Bob Cole would chime in, “yeah, but they haven’t scored yet.” And throughout the game, you could feel him cheering for the Leafs. Cole needs to retire. We’ll keep Cherry around for a chuckle here and there. But he loves the Leafs too.

It’s been like this all year. The so-called elite of the hockey media, Cole, Cherry, McKenzie, McGuire, Hodge et al, just can’t bring themselves to concede that maybe, just maybe, Montreal is a serious contender.

It’s the junior members like Millen and Glen Healy who are the ones who don’t mind offering up superlatives. The old guard won’t do it.

I guess, if the television screen’s right, Montreal meets Boston in the first round after taking out Toronto tonight (April 5) 3-1 in yet another impressive performance by all concerned, including a young buck in his first game, Gregory Stewart, who nearly scored a couple of times, and got the edge in a fight with Brian McCabe at the final siren.

Stewart skated off the ice to the cheers of the faithful and the pats from his new teammates, with this amazingly proud look on his face.

But back to Cherry and Cole and the like. I suppose by the third round, these guys might concede that the Habs look good. But you can be sure that they’ll say Montreal doesn’t stand a chance against the contender from the west.

It’s going to take a Stanley Cup to shut these guys up. Bring on Boston.


3 Responses to “Montreal Ends It Off In Style. Now Bring On The Playoffs And Prove The Experts Wrong”

  1. danielleia Says:

    “Don Cherry thinks the Ottawa Senators will do well in the playoffs…”

    Kaners: Psshhh! He said they would win the Cup last year! He also said girls know nothing about hockey. He needs to take a look at the blog, “Hockey Ladies Of Greatness.” Besides, isn’t Alfie gone?

    der devil hab: Drury=Robot (no smiling/machine-like). Briere’s nickname is… DB. Someone called Marty St. Louis, “Gollum.” Thats gross.

    I’ll end my rant with a totally inappropriate: Danielle St. Louis? or Danielle Lecavalier? (2-0 we shutout Boston).

  2. Mike Williamson Says:

    Dennis I agree ,I wanted to strangle Cole as the game went on.What a bunch of homers(Simpson`s).
    I also, with great trepidation I have to finally agree with my wife on a sporting matter !! Don Cherry is a Goof,not once in his post game rant did he have anything positive to say about Montreal,he infered they won`t get past the first round & the Bruins are due I guess because we`ve now beaten them 11 times in a row Where was a comment on McCabes slash & spearing attempts on the rookie Stewart.Greg Millen called has he saw it, it`s over drop your gloves & be a man,as far as I`m concerned he deserves further punishment maybe not for the slash but you just don`t try to spear a guy in the groin which he tried twice after watching the replays!! Thats trying to injure! I`m sure if Coaches Corner was was telecast from any where else than the GTA Cherry would have been gone long ago but He`s such a Leaf homer they keep him on,for those not from around these parts GTA stands for Greater Toronto Area.
    Well enough about last nights game & those three GOOF`S it`s now onto the playoffs(Leaf players & fans can you say playoffs,I did`nt think so!!!!)Lets go boys onward & upwards!!
    GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Loftus Says:

    The Habs get no respect for sure.
    I guess winning your division (and maybe depending on what happens later today) your conference has nothing to do with how good a team is. This is garbage, although it’s funny because it’s very much the Quebec way. Say little, expect little, Deliver much. As for teams in the west being “better”, I’m not too sure. Even the last place team in the east..Tampa Bay, has a pretty good squad. As for western teams…well look at Detroits’ division. No wonder they rack up the points every year and fall flat in the playoffs. The only western team I’d say that is truly deserving of being a power house and a real threat to Montreal in a cup challenge would be SJ. They’re just better. Other than that any other series would be even or favour MTL.

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