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Game Day Routine. Getting Ready For The Sabres April 3, 2008

GAME DAY and I need to be sure I don’t stray from my regular routine that involves strict discipline as far as getting a good nap in before I eat some high carb concoction like a fettuccine dish with a baked potato. I don’t know about your habits and routines on game day, but I’m sure your way is excellent, albeit slightly different than mine.

Because the game’s on early here on the west coast, at 4:30 pm, I know I need to get my nap in early too. So I’ll head to bed about 11am and sleep until 1:00. This gives me time to have my carbs and several coffees for a quick boost and not feel too bloated by the time the puck drops.

I like to arrive at the couch early, say about 3:30, so I can fiddle with things on the coffee table, give the TV a good warm up, go over game notes such as what good shows I can flick to during commercials, and plan my strategy about how I’m going to get all the household things discussed early with my wife so she won’t be talking too much during the big game. I learned this early in my career with previous females -(mother, first-wife, daughter, sisters, etc.)

All of this takes some serious concentration and is a good example of why I’m such a good team player, and why experience is invaluable.

FINALLY, GAME TIME. It’s what I’ve been preparing myself for all day, as you can see from the routine. Montreal needs this. It’s all about first over-all and the chance to play the eighth place team, which could be Boston, Ottawa, Washington, Philadelphia, and even Buffalo, who the Habs are playing tonight.

This is why it’s a big game. This is an example of why every game for the last two months has been big. And this is why it’s necessary to have a proper pre-game routine.

Me and the boys will take care of business tonight against the Sabres, the ones with the George Jetson/Los Angeles Rams uniforms, then a couple more days and we’ll be going through the same old routines once again as we prepare for the Leafs.

It’s all part of the strict discipline and commitment that goes into being a professional Habs watcher. 


7 Responses to “Game Day Routine. Getting Ready For The Sabres”

  1. Michel Says:

    If you’re on the west coast, how do you catch the game. Even with satellite, I can’t even watch it in Montreal.

  2. Danielleia Says:

    Hopefully my slugs won’t be salted. I’m almost too nervous to watch.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Hi. I watch all Habs games on French RDS. You have to pay a few extra bucks and in some places all you need is cable, but here you need a digital box. Buut like I said, we get every Habs game.

  4. Dennis Says:

    Michel I’ve thinking about this. The answer’s way too simple. They must black out RDS home games in Montreal

  5. Dennis Says:

    I’m starting to worry that people are thinking my “game-day” routine is for real. I might have to give up my dream of writing for Mad Magazine.

  6. Mike Williamson Says:

    You should have plenty Laurantide on hand also!!!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!!!

  7. Beatnik Says:

    About your game day routine DK, I think the Wal Mart commercial says it all….. “It’s true”.

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