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Whew! Thank Goodness There’s A Way To Tell When Spring Has Sprung April 1, 2008

With the big game in Ottawa coming up shortly, with first place overall still not decided, and with injuries mounting, it can be tremendously stressful for Habs fans. But we’re not the only ones with problems. People in general can be stressed. You just got your lay-off notice at the factory. The mortgage is due. Your daughter has a new tattoo on her forehead. The mother-in-law’s coming. The beer fridge is empty.

But when the sun shines in spring, things have a way of looking up. A young man’s (and woman’s) fancy turns to love. And the playoffs.

And things could be worse. We could be Leafs fans.  



8 Responses to “Whew! Thank Goodness There’s A Way To Tell When Spring Has Sprung”

  1. moeman Says:

    The beauty of this picture is its no April Fools joke!

  2. Topham Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Nice blog. I was pointed here by Robert from Eyes on the Prize, who speaks very highly of you. My co-blogger Tobalev and I also run a little blog ( I was wondering if it would be OK with you to link to your site on mine?



  3. der Habinator Says:


    It was a dood called Wittgenstein who came up with the notion that a pic is worth a thousand words. A big problem with it is the depiction of emotions. Hehehehe, I have no trouble imagining the look of stunned bovine incomprehension on the faces and in the postures of the twinkies and their equally abject fans, les mangeurs de twinkies. I also have no doubt that their golf is as bad as their hockey. This pic pretty well sums up the Trawna Mutant Leafs: as usual, they bud in the autumn and fall in the spring.

    Excellent essay, DK. You should submit it for some kind of journalism prize. Better yet, make it into a poster. You’ll probably be able to retire on the profits.

    As for the game last night between the Rangers and the Pens – the lesser of two evils triumphed.

    What is Prize #25?

  4. Michel Says:

    I think this video says it all, so beautifully, so succinctly:

  5. danielleia Says:

    Nice, I like how they are half way in the ground too. Oh, now Toronto can only hurt us. I hate that.

    der Habinato: No worries. If I didn’t get some sort of taunting my way, I would be shocked. Bantering with the enemy is part of being a fan. As for my dad, sometimes I wonder where his Sabre priorities are. He is one of those “angry” fans who makes fun of everyone. Vanek is the “$50 million man,” Afinogenov “needs to be traded,” and Roy is a “diver.” Bah blah. And the Bills… there are mad rumors about them moving to Toronto. Excuse me while I throw up.

  6. der Habinator Says:


    I am glad to hear that, unlike that canucklehead Lawrence, you have a nice thick skin ….. hehehehe, you’re going to need it. Of course, I would expect no less from a sub-species of fan. Hmmm, do you shuffle when u walk? Stoop? Do you use your knuckles?

    But, hey, insults aside, the main goal is to do what Shania Twain encourages, i.e. to get you to `come on over’. Yes, there is hope. You can be educated. The finer points of hockey can be elucidated. You can be edified. You can be elevated into a higher sphere of consciousness. Start with a cap. Get used to it. At first, only wear it in your bedroom. I guarantee that you will find sudden illumination in all things springing unbidden into your poor benighted buffaloedbrain. In time, you will be ready to convert to the side of truth and justice.

    Oh yes, I see your Sabres are getting thumped by the lowly Leafs ..hehehhe

  7. Mike Williamson Says:

    Well it`s the end of the 2nd & we are up 2-0! Time for beddy byes,early wake up!!
    When is someone going to rattle Sergie Kostisan cage,I can`t count how many times this guy takes stupid penalities. There are good ones in our defencive zone but he always get called in the offencive zone!!! With 3 Selke trophy winners,2 behind the bench &1 upstairs they have to take this KID aside & tell him to keep both hands on his stick & not on the oppositions sweater!! His older brother rarely takes a call unlest it`s needed,he needs to sit his brother down & set him straight.The kids got talent but needs to smarten up ,he takes away any momentum with STUPID penalties.
    Will catch 3rd period in the AM.I sure hope we did`nt need another 6 goal lead!!!!!!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La

  8. Robert L Says:

    derHabinator, Prize #25 would be the Canadiens 25th Stanley Cup!

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