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Montreal Shoots For The Stars, While Ottawa Shoots For The Bars April 1, 2008

It was a tremendous 3-0 shutout win tonight for the Montreal Canadiens over the unbelievably struggling Ottawa Senators, and it could have been ninety years ago in Ottawa, at the old Auditorium, when Aurele Joliat, Howie Morenz, and Pit Lepine came to town to battle it out with Cy Denneny, Frank Finnigan, and Punch Broadbent. It was good old hockey then, and it was good old hockey tonight. Rough, tough, feisty, ill-mannered hockey.   finnigan.jpg     joliat.jpg

Years ago, my ex-wife’s mother’s uncle used to tell me stories about when he was a kid and used to crawl in through a window at the Auditorium and watch Morenz and Joliat, Clancy and Finnigan, in action. It was good stuff.

I wonder if Ottawa kids climb in windows now at Scotiabank Place to see Chris Neil and Anton Volchenkov.

The big differences between then and now are, tonight (April 1st) there were about 14,000 more fans at Scotiabank Place than at the old Auditorium. Ottawa wears a Trojan Condom sweater now instead of the old stripes. Beer then, if it was sold, was probably about a dime. Now it’s about eight bucks. And the officiating was probably better back then. The amount of chintzy penalties called tonight was staggering.

And back then, Ottawa, from time to time, were champs. Nowadays, Ottawa, most of the time, are chumps. Now, they’re going to fight it out to make the playoffs, with Washington, only two points away, breathing down their backs. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

And then we get to Montreal. With tonight’s impressive win over the Senators and two referees, the team reaches 100 points to tie with Pittsburgh for first over-all in the east. They win the Northeast division. Carey Price notches his third shutout. The team played great after a couple of sleepfests in Buffalo and Toronto. And my Ottawa friends who used to be Habs fans but are now Sens fans, are at this very moment, really pissed off and quite concerned about the state of their team.

LITTLE PIECES OF INFO: Two of Montreal’s five wounded soldiers were back – Mark Streit and Guilliaume Latendresse, leaving now Koivu, Komisarek, and Bouillon still on the shelf.

Ottawa’s top line of Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley, and Jason Spezza actually did play. Although you’d never know it.


7 Responses to “Montreal Shoots For The Stars, While Ottawa Shoots For The Bars”

  1. der Habinator Says:


    No surprise at the result tonight especially given the fact that the calls did not egregiously affect the play or the outcome. We don’t expect the game to be called fairly – after all, what isn’t called is a time-honoured tactic – but at least for it not to be too too one-sided which it wasn’t tonight.
    We’ve got good depth as was shown tonight. The key questions is: are our young guys ready? Sounds like it, eh? Price, Higgins, LaPierre, A. Kostitsyn even his bro although I agree with Mike that he has to become more disciplined.

    Visited the `lionsinwinter’ site but when I tried to post a comment …. uh? What’s the problem there? Enter name & e-mail & let’s go! It does have some useless `cutesy’ stuff – kiddy pictographs and what’s with the dumb horsehoe C? we don’t want luck we want superior playing! – that detracts from the overall substance of the blog. I seems to me that it has been subverted to a certain extent by the pc Ottawa bs.

    The Washington wanna-bes are showing life, of perhaps morphing this year into might-bes. I like their coach – he knows his hockey – and they are young fast exciting. Certainly, I’d prefer to see them over the Carolina wankers.

    Danielleia has to be happy that her punky Sabres are still alive. But what does it matter? I mean, how much life can you squeeze out of a team of zombies?

  2. danielleia Says:

    I HATE OTTAWA more than Toronto. I also found out this guy from my school has just been signed with Toronto’s farm team. Noooo! Why HIM?!

    *Nothing is greater than a shutout against Ottawa* Did anyone throw Emery and/or Neil under the Zamboni?

    Drew Stafford is our only zombie, Hab, he’s whiter than white. We had a horribly long shootout. It was grr-ate. I love shootouts to the max [Afinogenov].

  3. Robert L Says:

    Geez, had it been called fairly, the score would have been 5 or 6 zip!

  4. der Habinator Says:


    DK perhaps U can help me out here….? I couldn’t post a comment on the lionsinwinter blog that the guy wanted to link to yours?? I went to the NHL site saw blogs at the bottom & tried to post one on a site by a girl named Laur … couldn’t do it … NHL ID?? UH? What’s going on? Why all the bs for these sites? Why can’t we just do what we did for yours and get on with it? Fans are essential to the game so why make them jump through hoops to participate?!!

    In any case, I read some of her stuff – et voila! Wanna know what’s wrong with the Leafs (probably all the other teams given this League-sanctioned pap), at least one small area where something constructive could actually be done for the Leafs, just check her out. I mean, talk about namby pampy bland watch-everybody’s-toes vapidity! And, whoa, she says she’s a Leaf fan but most of her fav players aren’t even Leafs .. okay okay I know that they are all hopeless puck schmucks but hey, get your priorities straight. ALL my fav players are Habs (yes, I even took Mario Tremblay over the rest of the teams but as for PRoy, hey, he violated the most basic principle: he quit – so he has no claim on any Habber’s loyalty) & their rank in my affections varies from game to game depending on their performance, then I go to the Dawgs then to the Cyclones after that the draft picks. Sure, I can respect, like, enjoy watching other team’s players but they aren’t Habs! But, well, there you go: une vrai mangeuse de twinkies!

    Sigh, what’s wrong with these younger fans -besides being stuck in a weird politically-correct post-modern twilight zone where it’s `all good’ and everybody is special, everybody’s opinion however idiotic is equally valid, & etc etc? Do they have a clue what it means to be a fan? They’re all trying to be `fair’. Can you believe it? The first thing you learn as a Habber is that `fair’ only happens when the other guys get to screw you over with impunity. The whole point of being a fan is the right/obligation to be the exact opposite. We don’t have to suck up to the refs. We can’t get fined by the League. To hell with the media! Ergo, it is up to us to ensure that the `unfairness’ doesn’t get too out of hand as it did in the sixties for example. That said, I must say that Robert L. shows promise but then, he’s a Habber so he’s being held to a higher standard of fanhood and he’s got good role models to help shape his hockey-fan sensibilities in positive ways. As for the rest of the younger set, I suspect most of them are as `punky’ as Danielleia. I mean, GIRL, drop the grapes! the happy faces! the buccolic scenes! STOP being nice! Sure, you’re a mere Sabre punkette, nevertheless you do have a duty to your dopey team, to let them know that their bad hockey is simply not acceptable.

    Sigh, expansion hasn’t hurt the calibre of player so much as the calibre of fan! Hmmm, maybe I should set up a website offering counselling to flustered/floundering/forlorn wanna-be fans who desperately need concrete advice and moral support in their quest to realize their fanhood. Call it something like, `Ask Der Habinator’ or `Der Habinator Knows Best’. The theme would be: Confess and der Habinator will take care of the rest. The motto? Dr. Phil? Off with his head!

  5. Danielleia Says:

    Last time we booed the Sabes, it was for almost losing to TAMPA. They responded by scoring six goals in the third period.

    As for your site… blog away. “Ask Der Devil Hab Fan,” your motto could be, “I’m A Schmaggle.”

    And they were four leaf clovers not grapes. And they worked.

  6. der Habinator Says:


    Heheheheh, what’s a Schmaggle? Sounds tasty? Sorry, can’t use Devil, already taken by that boring one-man team of mickeys in New Jersey.

    Lucky clover, eh? Well, I can’t argue – it did work.

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