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Almost Good News On The Habs Hurting Front. And Tom Kostopoulos Knows What It Takes March 31, 2008

Now that the dust has settled on just how healthy the Montreal Canadiens are, it seems  possible that only Saku Koivu might be out for awhile. But even that’s unclear.

What’s clear is that five Habs are hobbling and grimacing. Guillaume Latendresse has neck spasms and although he didn’t play in Toronto, he should play in Ottawa.

Mark Streit took a puck off the foot in Buffalo, didn’t play in Toronto, and although the team’s a bit vague, it seems he won’t be out long either.

Francis Bouillon didn’t play in Toronto either and is suffering from a right ankle injury. He’ll be back quickly though, because he’s a tough little bugger.

Mike Komisarek injured his hip (lower body injury!) in Boston but has started skating again, so this is good.

Which leaves us to Saku Koivu. He took a puck on the foot in Buffalo (like Streit), didn’t play in Toronto, and left Toronto on crutches. His foot is swollen and they’re not sure if it’s fractured or just badly bruised.  If it’s broken, he could be out until sometime in the second round of the playoffs.

When Koivu got the stick in the eye a couple of years ago against Carolina, the team went poof, like air going out of a balloon. But Montreal’s much better now, much deeper, more talented, and much more-rounded, and so although it would hurt to lose him, the boys can still get the job done. But let’s just hope it’s just badly bruised.

I also want to mention something about Tom Kostopoulos. This is guy who was a healthy scratch many times this year. He usually plays only on the fourth line, and he doesn’t get a lot of ink in the papers. But here’s the kind of guy he is:  Mike Komisarek said that when he was being treated in Boston for his hip injury, Kostopoulos was brought in after a fight in which half his face was blackened and his one eye was closed shut. But all Kostopoulos kept saying was to get him an ice pack and hurry because he needed to get back on the ice.

Now I have new-found respect for Tom Kostopoulos. This is old school, old time hockey. This is what separates men from boys. This is a guy who wanted to help his team and his teammates. He’s bounced around the minors, never really winning a job. This is the kind of guy who’d play for free. And players like him don’t disappear in the playoffs.     


10 Responses to “Almost Good News On The Habs Hurting Front. And Tom Kostopoulos Knows What It Takes”

  1. der Habinator Says:


    Got that right! Hockey, especially playoff hockey is all about the most important thing of all things: Not giving up! This quality is why the Habs have had so many great teams. Now the real test is coming: for example, will Kovalev’s re-born self recidivate …hehehe … i.e. backslide?

  2. danny Says:


    TORONTO DID NOT NEED THE 2 POINTS,but they wanted IT more than the CANADIENS,OTTAWA need the 2 points,they want it ,wonder why CARBONNEAU played HALAK,it seem late in the season to juggle goalies,i would not change goalies unless #1 PRICE is missing an arm or something else,well got to go PITSBURG RANGER soon should be good

  3. danielleia Says:

    One thing… I freaked when I saw the time on the comments as 10:21… here it’s 7:41. Duh.

  4. moeman Says:

    Eyesindaprize linked me here and I am happy!

  5. der Habinator Says:


    Thought U didn’t read French! Ha! And now you say U don’t like Ovenchicken? Ha! You say you’re a Sabres fan? Ha!

    There is NO hope for the Sabres, not now not ever. The hope I was referring to was, the not entirely impossible one, that you would come to realize what hockey is all about and thus become a Habs fan, i.e. become a `real’ hockey fan rather than the Cyber Sabre Punk(ette) you now are. Hey, I know it’s not your fault … most fans – Habbers excepted – are imprinted on their team before they can make an informed choice.

    As for Lawrence, he’s a Canucks fan – they’re afraid of everything including their jockstraps.

  6. der Habinator Says:


    A true Habber is only happy after we’ve won the cup and even then a part of us is a bit pissed that we haven’t won next years’ yet.

    EyesINdaprize? What kind of prize is he thinking of/fantasizing? Hmmm, sound potentially rude to me.

  7. Danielleia Says:

    You guys can totally use OvenChicken. My dad is due credit, he used to play hockey so he gives EVERYTHING nicknames. My mom, when she first heard of Alex, couldn’t say his name so she called him “Ov-check-in.” Then, my dad made fun of her and it gradually turned into “OvenChicken.”

    Habinator: I’m not a punk and I used Google translator, duh. I suppose living in Buffalo, we have no choice but to root for our teams. However, I firmly stand by my decision no matter how horribly mediocre they may be. And there you go… Chris Drury scored in OT to win the game. Surprise, surprise. I’m sure glad HE wasn’t re-signed.

  8. der Habinator Says:


    Sigh, I have no desire to be hurtful, to be unduly cruel but the fact is that you are a Sabre fan and therefore, willy-nilly, according to the Official Fan Classification Almanac (The OFCA) which I consult you are a fan of the Buffalo Sabres and therefore a Sabre punk, well, actually a punkette. But cheer up, it’s better than being an Ottawa rah rah or a Pittsburgh wiennie or the lowest of the low, a Toronto mangeur de twinkies. Yes, life isn’t fair, but there is no sense in making it worse than it has to be so I sincerely urge you to drop those punky Sabres and come over to the light, to the Bleu Blanc et Rouge, Les Glorieux, la Sainte Flannelle! I assure you, you won’t regret it – it will be a life-affirming pro-active choice that will enhance your current miserable `punky’ fan existence in all ways.

    As for Buffalo. Hey, it’s a nice burg. And I like the Bills. They deserved at least one if not two Super Bowl rings and the current team is gonna get better.

    p.s. Your Dad sounds like a cool guy. Bet he isn’t a Sabre fan! But, hey, if so, I suppose it’s possible to be a cool punk – in our society oxymorons abound and our species definitely has a talent for self-contradiction.

  9. Robert L Says:

    Moeman meant to say “Eyes On The Prize”, and fear not derHabinator, it is another Montreal Canadiens blog. I’ll be linking to this beauty of a site quite often.

    Great work Mr. Kane, I’ll be happy to see you keep it going on until Prize #25!

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