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Holy Smokes! More Fascinating Facts! What A Blog! March 26, 2008

Fascinating Fact #1.  It’s just what I always suspected. Patrick Roy is a moron.

Fascinating Fact #2.  In the early 1940’s the Montreal Canadiens were bringing in less fans than the senior league Montreal Royals. The Habs were averaging only about 1500 people in those days.

Fascinating Fact #3.  Guess what changed in Montreal? What caused fans to go from 1500 to 12,000 in only a few years?  Two words – The Rocket.

Fascinating Fact #4.  And guess what completed the growth of fan attendance, from 12,000 in the late 1940’s to regular sellouts at the beginning of the 1950’s. It was the signing of Quebec senior hockey hero, Jean Beliveau.  

Fascinating Fact #5.  Mickey Redmond, who played right wing for the Habs from 1967 to 1971, has been battling lung cancer since 2003. He says he’s feeling fine, thank God. Redmond was also a member of Team Canada during the 1972 Canada-Russia Summit Series.

Fascinating Fact #6.  Redmond was involved in a major deal halfway through the 1970-71 season when the Habs traded him to Detroit for Frank Mahovlich. Montreal also sent Guy Charron and Bill Collins, along with Redmond, to Detroit.

Fascinating Fact #7.   1950’s Habs grinder Marcel Bonin used to eat glass, and also wrestled bears. And once, while at raining camp in Victoria, BC, Bonin broke his thumb during some horseplay off the ice. He kept it a secret from Toe Blake, then during the next practice, pretended to hurt his hand on the ice and kept himself from getting into hot water with Blake. It worked.

Fascinating Fact #8.   Two NHL players who were notorious for treating rookies on their own teams badly were Steve Shutt and Dave Keon. Shutt’s reasoning was, “hey, it happened to me so it’s gonna happen to them too.” 

Fascinating Fact #9.   Jim Pappin, who won a Stanley Cup with the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1967, lost his Cup ring years ago.  It was found last year in the Gulf of Mexico when a diver using an underwater metal detector came up with it.

Fascinating Fact #10.  This is the seventh installment of Fascinating Facts. 

Fascinating Fact #11.  Did I mention that Patrick Roy is a moron?


2 Responses to “Holy Smokes! More Fascinating Facts! What A Blog!”

  1. der Habinator Says:

    Serious Sincere Questions

    SS #1: Is Partrick Roy a moron because his brain is composed mainly of vulcanized rubber?
    SS #2: Or, because he suffers from Johnny Bower syndrome – he was hit in the head with too many pucks?
    SS #3: Were Shutt and Keon such jerks because they were short, i.e had Li’l Effer Complexes?
    SS #4: Did the Bear Marcel Bonin wrestled have teeth & claws?
    SS #5: Is Lawrence really real? That is does he have an independent existence, an animating life force that is unique to him?
    SS #6: Or, is he a figment of DK’s imagaination? A construct of his shadow self?
    SS #7: How many miles does the average NHL player skate in a game?
    SS #8: How many miles in a season?
    SS #9: DK, are your initials pronounced DeeKay or Deke?
    SS #10: Do you have a nickname?
    SS #11: Is Lawrence short?
    SS #12: Does Mike really have enuf hair that he can cut it?
    SS #13: Is it at all possible that one day any given Leaf fan will come to know his/her hockey?
    SS #14: Why will Ottawa not win the Cup?
    SS #15: Was Sam Pollock the reincarnation of Napoleon I?

  2. danny Says:


    What can you say…..those HABS are playing very good hockey,in first place ,watch for PITSBURG on their heel,i,m sur SID would like to clinch first place in the east,it look like exciting hockey ahead,OTTAWA could be surprising too,NEW JERSEY, S MARTIN BRODEUR over 40 wins in a season is not to be counted out neither…..oh ya good hockey ahead….
    good day


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