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Mike Has A Great Chair And Shorter Hair Than Before March 25, 2008

They don’t get any better than Mike. We’ve been friends for 40 years, and have fought  the good wars together. Those crazy sixties wars. Those times when sex and drugs and rock and rock were as much a part of our lives as waking up. And it was a time when the team we loved took a back seat for a few years while we spent some serious time on the edge.

Mike was involved in the 1960’s movement as much as anyone. He wore his black hair long, crashed where he could, never shyed away from a good party, and ingested a few things he probably shouldn’t have. These were unsettling times, but he and I got through it, and later on he found himself a nice cool chick who he’s still with today. 

But even though we put the Habs on the backburner for a few years in the late ’60’s, it didn’t mean we gave up or forgot. Not me, and not Mike. He follows the Habs closely, has for more than fifty years, and he knows the game and his team and is pissed off when they lose. You’ll see this by his comments he throws in often.

No one is prouder to own a Montreal Forum chair than Mike. And it’s not just any chair. It’s the one he sat in in his only visit to the Forum, in the late 1970’s.

Here’s a photo of Mike’s chair, and the Bud hat signed by Le Gros Bill, Jean Beliveau. And yes, the spelling of Micheal on the chair is the way it’s spelled.

Mike may have been a mover and shaker during the hippie movement, but you can’t keep a good Habs fan down. And even though he lives in Toronto and has for decades, don’t even think about talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs with him. He can’t stand them, even though they’re just down the road. Are you listening, Ottawa fans-who-used-to-be-Habs-fans?



3 Responses to “Mike Has A Great Chair And Shorter Hair Than Before”

  1. der Habinator Says:


    Good stuff! No, Really really good stuff! A cap signed by le gros Bill, wow!

    Of course, Mike now wears his hair shorter, for good reasons: it’s easier to wash, doesn’t weigh as much so less strain on the knees, it’s more debonair, it doesn’t distract attention from, I am sure, his noble brow and piercing eyes, as well, he is older & wiser and has learned the truth of what the The Bard said: men fall in luv with their eyes, women with their ears …hehehehe, this means we can concentrate on the functional and let the ladies take care of the decorative.

  2. Mike Williamson Says:

    der Habinator my hair also dries faster!! Not to boast but I also have a autographed book written by JEAN which I also cherrish!! My wife which Dennis spoke about also met him & found him the most dignified man she had ever met other than myself(yea right).
    Cheers & Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!!

  3. der Habinator Says:


    Here’s a sample list for you (feel free to expand on it): Shakespeare, Lake Louise, vanilla ice-cream, The David, Newton/Einsteain, Mona Lisa, sunrise/set, a good cold beer at just the right time, Habs winning the Cup, and etc etc ….. These people/things/events are akin in that they are all popular, and for good reasons. They not only appeal to but they satisfy our need for validation, for beauty, for balance/symmetry, for sense-fulfillment. To this list I put Jean Beliveau right up there: handsome, charming, elegant, poised – dignified, he represents everything that is good about the `establishment’. In a sense he is the embodiment of the `ideal’ conservative, the individual within whom are found all the traditional virtues we so admire: skill/talent, honesty, modesty, humour, steadfastness/loyalty, courage; he is kind, he is gentle, he is courteous, he is masculine, he is thoughtful, he is gracious, he is considerate of others, he is generous – a champion whose triumphs include us. Jean Beliveau a man whom we can look up to and who in return will look us straight in the eye. Truly, a man for all ages, a man for the ages.

    Curiously, well, perhaps not to some, alongside Jean Beliveau I place Muhammad Ali. Yes, I put him on one side of the coin-of-sports-figures-I-most-admire and Ali on the other – an insupportable contradiction one might think. Seemingly, Ali is intractably opposed to Beliveau. He was loud, brash, boastful, uneducated; he was rebellious, confrontational, irreverent; he didn’t fit in, he was very much the outsider and, as such he made a significant contribution towards social change, towards our oh-so-painful fumbling quest for social `justice’, towards making the `invisible man’ aka black man/woman visible in North American society; he is dignified and he dignified us all. And he sure didn’t do this because he is not courageous, not respectful of others, not loyal, not honest, not true to himself and his beliefs. Oh yes, Ali is kind, he is gentle, he is courteous, he is lol funny, he is generous – he is a true champion, so in his `glory days’ we were with him in the ring and out, and we are with him now.

    Beliveau/Ali: special people – unique, charismatic, influential, indomitable, iconic, men of grace. To know one is to know the other, to admire one is to admire the other – two-sides of the same coin which, if on a cold clear winter’s night, you flip it, send it tumbling up into the firmaments it will keep on going until it comes to rest amongst the other stars and always, when you look up it wll be the first star you see, shining in your mind’s-eye.

    p.s. Mike, when you go out to admire the night sky, be sure to wear a tuque over that `buzzed’ head of yours. Hehehe, you might even wanna blow-dry it first.

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