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The Senators Come For A Licking. Plus, A New Video Of Peace And Love March 23, 2008

Big, big game Monday night when the Ottawa Senators roll into Montreal. The Habs have been humiliated a few times this year by these notorious playoff chokers, so I’d really like to see some revenge. I’ve got a lot of friends in Ottawa who once were Montreal fans but somehow became Senators fans just because their town got a team. I don’t understand it but hey, I don’t understand the theory of relativity either. sens.jpg habs-logo.jpg

In other news, more and more, Josh Gorges is becoming a solid, contributing,and important member of the Canadiens. He picked it up several notches against the Bruins, and now, with Mike Komisarek out for at least three weeks, this is a big deal and a pleasant surpriseAnd what this means is that when Komisarek gets back, he, Gorges, Hamrlik, and Markov form a formidible defence as the team readies for the playoffs. Take that, Pierre McGuire.

Also in the news, it seems that some people have disagreed with the violence in the video I posted of the 1971 Habs-Bruins bench-clearing brawl, and I feel bad about this. So today, I’m adding a little video that I hope makes everyone feel better. Let’s get back to the peace and love we all miss so dearly. This is from 1986. Just click the link.


2 Responses to “The Senators Come For A Licking. Plus, A New Video Of Peace And Love”

  1. der Habinator Says:


    Quite funny, in many ways. First, not a brawl but clearly a `ritualized dance’ between two opposing groups of bi-pedal chimpanzee cousins – reminded me of Mel Gibson’s Scots `mooning’ the English but stopping there, as well, of a docu on New Guinea tribesmen making war. Second, the announcers – lol, talk about party line bs! Hey, we’ve gotta get into the US market and, hey, they don’t like fighting or violence. This attitude was/is so ludicrous as to border on the bizarre. Third, seeing Claude `The Turtle’ actually drop the gloves and square off. Great guy off the ice but on he was a real cheap-shot back-hitting idiot (sigh, he was a Hab, too) – what he did to Draper was ugly … there you go Lawrence, that’s the kind of violence that oughtta be eradicated from hockey.

    Hehehe, gud 1, DK!

  2. Mike Williamson Says:

    Dennis, maybe you could find a video for Lawrence of the the Canucks holding the Stanley Cup,alas it would have to be taken at the Hockey Hall Of Fame as thats the only way they will ever touch Our Stanley Cup !!!!

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