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Habs Make It Eleven In A Row Over Boston. So I Have A Gift For You March 23, 2008

I’m having a good night tonight. I got home from work and my wife had a roast and a six pack of Heineken waiting for me. I start four days off. Then I watched the recording on my new TV of the Habs winning their eleventh straight win against the Boston Bruins (eight this year), and in doing so, stay on top of the heap in the eastern division.

So, because I’m in such a good mood, and it’s Easter, I’ve decided to give you a present. Just click the link below and enjoy a five and a half minute video of a 1971 Montreal-Boston bench-clearing brawl. Beliveau’s even in there, tugging and pulling. This is a huge brawl involving fans, police, Derek Sanderson, Phil Roberto, Gerry Cheevers, and a cast of thousands. Historically, Montreal and Boston like to rumble with each other. Here’s the link: Watch it pick up momentum as it goes.  You don’t see this kind of thing any more.


7 Responses to “Habs Make It Eleven In A Row Over Boston. So I Have A Gift For You”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    This stuff is ridiculous. Fighting has no place in the game. The big three major sporting leagues don’t tolerate it, why does hockey?

    Make love, not war.

    Happy Easter to all Canuck fans!

  2. Mike Williamson Says:

    We did what we had to,maybe not the best effort but two important points!
    I see Lawrence is back,I agree I`ve yet to see a brawl breakout in Lawrences other thee favorite sports,badminton,ping-pong nor lawn bowling!!!
    The next six games will be tough ones Ottawa twice Buffalo twice & the unpradictable Leafs,we got to be on top of our game !!!!!
    Go Habs Go

  3. Dennis Says:

    This marks 133 straight days of blog posts where Lawrence hasn’t said anything nice in his comments. But being the guy I am, I’m going to try to dig up some good synchronized swimming videos for Lawrence to enjoy.

  4. der Habinator Says:

    Lawrence, I don’t know how else to put it: your’e an idiot. You obviously don’t know your hockey (Hmmm, does being a Canuck fan drain your brain? Or are you a Canuck fan because your brain is drained?) Leaving aside the particularities of hockey, you obviously don’t know any sports. Certainly, you know nada about violence and how it works in these games.

    Baseball? LOL Talk about bench-clearing brawls! Top them off with the 90 mph fastball, sometimes called a beanball, that with regularity smacks into exposed body parts and hockey looks like nothing more fierce than a vigorous rhumba. Oh, yeah, the fans luuuv to throw stuff, hard stuff like bottles at players.

    Football? Again, LOL. Who was it that said football isn’t a contact sport, it’s a collision sport …Lombardi? In any case, not only are fights not uncommon, the very nature of the sport encourages players to hammer each other with unrelenting ferocity on each and every play not to mention the dirty in-fighting that goes on in pile-ups. And given the equipment, it’s far more damaging to smash somebody with your shoulder than your fist. Interestingly, the fans are like hockey fans in that for far and away the most part they behave in a civilized manner.

    Soccer? LOLLOLOLOL Why, this is the only sport where people go to WAR over a game – yeah, check out the history of the game in Central America. The game where soccer hooligans from all nations gather in order to do nothing but fight & please, spare me the bs that they aren’t part of the game. The game where fans with monotonous regularity assault opposing players and referees (that a fan actually cheap-shotted a Hab in DK’s hockey vid is so rare as to be statistically non-existant). The game where vicious kicks and cheap shots are rampant. And, oh yeah, the game with the highest rate of concussive injuries because the players are always throwing their unprotected heads in the way of a hard leather ball going at high velocities … duh?

    Lacrosse/Australina Rules Football? LOL – go watch a game! Nuf said there.

    Tennis? Golf? Hey, you put all your energy into whacking balls you’re sure not gonna have the energy to whack anything/one else. Ooops, I forgot about smashed rackets, temper tantrums, violent verbal assaults on umps, bent clubs and, well, temper tantrums.

    So, Lawrence, are even these simple obvious meanings penetrating that canuckle head of yours? Of course, your astounding obliviousness to/denial of what is really going on is understandable given your admitted penchant for Gwynn Dwyer’s ideologically driven drivel (Hey, go watch some Hockey Mothers in action!) Talk about a pompous pontificating panjandrum, about somebody who is such a shameless shill for a pc agenda that is premised on systematic distortion/misrepresentation of human nature and both contemporary and historical events that he makes Don look like a Philosopher King, well, given your canuckleheaded susceptibility to his gabble you can hardly be blamed for your inability to see through the glass, even darkly. Poor Lawrence, you are a victim – let me count `a few of’ the ways: a Canadian boy who doesn’t know his hockey/his sports, a Canuck fan, one of GD’s & his ilk’s `useful idiots’. Hmm, could all that running be releasing a surfeit of endorphins that are flooding your brain resulting in such a degree of dislocation from reality that you are impervious to reason, unable to access the rational brain? Of course, there is always `hope’: “And yet, when all is thought and said,/The heart still overrules the head;/Still what we hope we must believe,/And what is given us receive;” (A,H. Clough, Through A Glass Darkly) It is my hope that now you have `received’, you will now apply yourself to learning how `to hope for the right thing’.

    Sorry, DK, but I am becoming increasingly convinced that misled misinformed miscreants such as Lawrence must not be permitted to go on spouting their mindless myopic `messages’ (make love not war – one of the all-time great dumbass sayings; should be`fuck don’t fight’ but who the hell wants to try to fuck another guy period let alone one on skates armed with a deadly weapon?) with impunity simply because we Canadians are too `polite’ to call them to task. Canadians bah! We were and continue to be victimized by that dopey Disney cartoon Bambi, especially the part when the skunk says to Bambi: if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Hey, I’m not advocating mindless mayhem, nobody has the right to go around taking shots at somebody else or gratuitously bad-mouthing them – if you have something to say about somebody or what they believe/think than get it out, say it! Let’s take a look at it, openly, without innuendo, without the distortion the `whisperers’ so dearly love; don’t skulk behind the bushes of anonymity and secretiveness that such thugs use and call `politeness’. So, in this sense, give me `Bambi Meets Godzilla’ – it should be required in all public school classes because, yeah, in real life Godzilla always stomps on Bambi. You should be thankful, Lawrence, that I’m not Godzilla rather that evil skunk’s good twin who has this to say: if you can’t say anything sensible don’t say anything at all, rather listen to those who do and above all think about what they’re saying. Hockey? Sports? Violence? Canucks? Make love not war? Gwynn Dwyer? Damn, Lawrence, you need to start thinking!

    der Habinator: all Canuck fans are canuckleheads … are they all Bambis, too?

  5. der Habinator Says:


    Sigh, I was gonna slice n’ dice the `Shootout’ bs until that canucklehead Lawrence so rudely derailed my train of thought. Another time. Got a pkr game to play.

    Habs? We’ve gotta pick it up! Way we’re playing right now we won’t get outta the first round. The Missing Ingredient? Team Meanness, hockey-style. We need a Fergy, we need a Risebrough, Latendresse has gotta study vids of guys such as Lambert, our checking forwards should study Gainey, and our defense has got to hit with more `bad intentions’. And Carbo is just a shade too mellow. It’s a question of degree, of moving into another `intensity’ which, given the talent we have, is certainly doable.

  6. Lawrence Says:

    I don’t think many are impressed with your verbosity. No one reads your comments, including me. I read a few lines and gave up from sheer boredom.

  7. der Habinator Says:


    (Rats! my trip 4s lost to trip 6s!)

    Hehehe, hard to imagine my comments as being long but, hey, let’s keep this shorter, then. First, this? Coming from somebody who is a fan of a motor-mouth such as Gwynn Dwyer? LOL. Your plaintive what? put-down? insult? critical commentary (lol)? smacks of a canucklehead who doesn’t want to have his cherished preconceptions challenged, like a little kid who takes his ball home when things don’t go his way.

    Second, what I’m saying can be boiled down to one word: Think! Something U obviously do not do given your dumb comments on hockey and your espousal of GD. As well, hehehe, if you haven’t read `my verbosity’ then how the hell can you comment on it? LOL, believe it or not, Lawrence, thinking isn’t that hard to do & trying to figger out what one opines/believes can be fun! And I am certainly NOT trying to impress anybody (hehe, I simply put down on the spot what I’m thinking/feeling at the time – same as everybody else.) And guess what? Lawrence, believe it or not, this is what I think/believe, how I `feel’ re hockey & all the other stuff to which it is connected – sure, it’s a bit intense, a bit of `the devil’s advocate’ going on, but my opinions are as valid as yours. So, if you’re unwilling/unable to address what I say as I do what you say then the lack of respect, the `pretension’, the absence of `interest’ hehehe, aka, boredom, lies with you not me – aggravatingly `verbose’ (to some) as `der Habinator’ can be at times.

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