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Kovalev Should Take His Show To Vegas. And The Bruins Probably Prefer The Dentist To The Bell Centre Saturday Night March 21, 2008

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Alex Kovalev’s tricks with a stick and puck he does on his new dvd. Honestly, I’ve never seen this before, where someone can fire pucks from a good distance away, with good velocity, into little pockets set up on the top corners of the net, one after another, with only one hand.

And then he moved out to centre ice, got down on one knee, and his first shot landed on top of the net, and his second, lordy, lordy, went right into the pocket he was aiming for.

Speaking as a smallish yet speedy right winger for Byers Bulldozers circa 1965, I can honestly say this is practically impossible what the shifty Russian did. But I saw it, along with many others, so he did it. It was there in living colour. Holy Mackinaw!

I remember hearing years ago that Gordie Howe could stand at his own goal line and shoot a wrist shot over the glass at the other end. Until now, this has been the big feat for me. But Kovalev has taken showcase skill to a new level.

Or am I wrong? Is it possible that many pros can shoot from far out with accuracy with one hand, or shoot from centre ice on one knee with accuracy? Or is it just Kovalev. I’m really interested in finding out.

Saturday night the Bruins come to Montreal, hoping to put an end to the misery they’ve experienced against the Habs, beginning with last year. If Boston loses on Saturday, they’d better start seeing some serious shrinks. And if Boston finds out they’ll meet Montreal in the playoffs, someone better watch the players and coaches carefully that they don’t do anything drastic.

I’m also pretty sure the Bruins better not watch Kovalev’s dvd.

In a quick recap of Friday’s games, several little delicious surprises happened, some benefitting Montreal. New Jersey lost 3-1 to the Islanders, which is a surprise. Toronto beat Buffalo 4-1, which is also a surprise. And Philadelphia beat the surging Rangers, which concludes the surprises.

This keeps the Devils off Montreal’s back, and slows down the Rangers, who are quickly nipping at Montreal’s heels. So this was a good night. 

Vancouver also plays tonight but nobody cares about that.


One Response to “Kovalev Should Take His Show To Vegas. And The Bruins Probably Prefer The Dentist To The Bell Centre Saturday Night”

  1. der Habinator Says:


    EXPECTATIONS – this is what Hab hockey is all about: only the highest, the most demanding the most rigorous standards are acceptable. We must EXPECT to play harder, to play better than the other team; we must EXPECT to overcome all obstacles in our way (untimely injuries, bad breaks and biased/bad reffin included); we must EXPECT to win each and every game; we must EXPECT to be in the finals; we must EXPECT to win the Cup. Anything else is unacceptable. Fallure to do so must first be a cause of surprise (wonder even) then Consternation, Concern, Critical analysis and prompt Corrective action (C = Canadiens, eh?). Lowered EXPECTATIONS = lowered performance = unacceptable results.

    So, the Boston Beans are coming to town. Well, I EXPECT us to make them into bean salad or even a bean paste for my tacos. I certainly have no desire to apply the Cs to my performance … once again – this year there have been far too many to suit me and not being in the best condition, the energy required would be unduly stressful on the resources at my command

    Re Kovalev: I haven’t seen the vid but I’m not surprised to hear reports of his prowess, just have watch him play to see the fluidity with which he plays and the condensed power that he excudes which potential only made his atrocious play last year all the more aggravating. But, he is merely one player and the other players must step up. So, yes, I EXPECT O’Byrne to play well in place of Komisarek, I EXPECT Grabovski to apply himself most diligently to whatever he is assigned to do; I EXPECT Price/Halak to be ready and focused; I EXPECT all the players to be feisty and resolute, to be prepared to play full-steam for the entire game; I EXPECT Carbonneau to be alert and savvy. As for Kovalev, I EXPECT him to play up to his potential.

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