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Boston Loses Its’ Tenth Straight Against The Montreal Kovalev’s March 21, 2008

Alex Kovalev dazzled in more ways than one Thursday night (March 20) against the Boston Bruins in Boston.

Two nifty goals by Kovalev, where he shuffled through Bruin defencemen Zdeno Chara and Dennis Wideman the way I used to do it against Collingwood and Huntsville while with Byer’s Bulldozers, led to a big 4-2 win for the Habs which sees them again on top of the mountain and looking good, although Mike Komisarek was injured with a lower body injury, and Carey Price looked somewhat out of sorts.

The win puts Montreal in first place in the east with 92 points, one more than New Jersey and Pittsburgh.

But most impressive of all was the clip TSN showed from Kovalev’s new DVD, which has just been released. It’s unbelievable. Remember when Tiger Woods juggled golf balls with his club and then whacked one away like hitting a fly ball? That’s nothing to what Kovalev can do.

The clip showed him about 30 feet out with a bunch of pucks, and a pocket at the top of each side of the net. Kovalev rifled all the pucks with great accuracy into the pockets, WITH ONE HAND!  Then he moved out to centre ice, got down of one knee and put the first shot on top of the net, and second into one of the pockets.

Anyone who has ever shot a puck knows how amazing all of this is. I’ve got a whole new respect for Kovalev.

And not only that, his new DVD, which is an exercise in skills, was made for children with heart conditions, and 100% of the profits goes to this cause. Kovalev had had a heart problem himself when he was a kid.  kovydvd.jpg

I can’t wait to tell my wife about all this. She’s Russian,  a Habs fan, and is very proud that one of her countrymen is such a good player, and is the team’s best player.

And Kovalev definitely is the team’s best player. In fact, he’s one of the league’s best players. AND THE GUY’S 35 YEARS OLD!  (And he’s got a really good looking girlfriend.)

I haven’t heard yet about just how bad Mike Komisarek’s injury is but it better not be too bad, especially with the playoffs around the corner. Komisarek is an important cog in the machine, a big bruising guy with a good attitude who calls interviewers “buddy” when he’s being interviewed. “Thanks a lot, buddy” he likes to say.

I haven’t decided if this is good or bad.


3 Responses to “Boston Loses Its’ Tenth Straight Against The Montreal Kovalev’s”

  1. der Habinator Says:


    Last first: hehehe, better than being called Hack a la Trudeau, eh?

    And, yeah, we won but same old bs. Listened to the last period on radio & wow! stick to the face of Kostitsyn by the Boston goalie Thomas then interference on Price & they score …. who’s reffing? Oh yeah, our good `buddy’ KF the `buddy’ who enjoyed screwing us over with the Nordiques (remember those guys in the clown costumes?) not so much by what he called as by what he did not. Why the hell has KF not been demoted to reffing Byer’s Bulldozer games? Ha, because they already turned him down.

  2. Mike Williamson Says:

    Tonight I`m proud & think I`ll get pissed!!!
    GO HABS GO !!!!!!

  3. danny Says:

    KOVALEV….what a good player,he love the game ,he is good at it,and he,s got a heart of gold,i saw the tricks he did on tsn it was amazing,the moves against the bruins were super,it look like the HABS have the bruins figure out 10games, well have a good day

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