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Senators Make A Statement In Montreal. However, I’m Not Listening March 14, 2008

I’m back from Bellingham and the Habs are losing 3-0 in the third period. That’s why I’m writing this. Because even though the new tv’s on only ten feet away, Im not watching it. Not until we get the first one. Well, maybe with one eye.

So instead, I need to tell you about Bellingham. Here’s the thing. We left Powell River at 6:45 AM and made it to Bellingham by 2:30 PM. EIGHT HOURS TO GO 120 MILES! There’s reasons though. There’s two different 45 minute ferry rides to take, plus the waiting for them. Then there’s the drive through downtown Vancouver and out the other side to the US border, where it took two hours to get through. Then it’s only 20 minutes to Bellingham.

But none of it matters because living in Powell River, as long as you have a job, is almost paradise. Anyone who’s never been to BC’s Sunshine Coast is missing something. While the east is being hammered by snow, I’m sitting on the deck drinking beer.

So come on out.

Anyway, I getting sidetracked. Bellingham’s not a bad place. It seems to be about 40,000 people or so, and is a tad battered and run down. But not bad!

It’s got a great bar done up in kind of a 1950’s Las Vegas showroom style, and Sinatra and the Ratpack would have looked right at home there with their fedoras, martinis, and cigarettes. The beer was pretty bad, though. The choices were all from some sort of regional micro-brewery, and in my world, the draught’s gotta be cold and delicious with that special tang. Not that yuppie shit.

The sports shop in the big mall there only seemed to sell football and basketball stuff. But I could be wrong because I only looked through the window. And an antiques store had a lithograph of the 500 goal scorers signed by about ten of them, including Gretzky and Beliveau. They wanted $700 for it.

And before I forget, going through customs back into Canada took five minutes, not two hours like the other way.

In the background, the game just ended. This is what I call shitfuck. Getting shut-out by Ottawa, after Ottawa had pummelled them 6-0 not long ago, ranks right up there with every thing that sucks in the western hemisphere. And this, right after the Habs blanked New Jersey 4-0 the other night.

But I’m not going to dwell on this. Except that the team was held scoreless, and that Ottawa has just equalled Pittsburgh and the Habs for 87 points. 

Next up, the Islanders come calling. Need a nice big rebound game Saturday.

Might have to lay off the wives for awhile boys. Get some rest and come out flying.


2 Responses to “Senators Make A Statement In Montreal. However, I’m Not Listening”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    Nice to see you extolling the virtues of PR — leaving Orillia out of the equation is a first for you.

  2. der Habinator Says:

    Ahh yes, Orillia, purportedly the birthplace of basketball by Naismith? When I was a kid we used to go there to play bb Ts at the local Y – nice burg, pretty countryside, a good place to live. Course don’t know what it’s like now given the urban sprawl that has convulsed southern Ontario? But, from what DK says about Powell River I have to think that even my idyliic memories pale in comparison ….hmmm, well at least I know one thing for sure: PR is Not heaven …. hehehehe.

    p.s. The only place I know of that is `almost paradise’ is Limbo which raises the ?: Does DK exist in the here & now or are we conversing with a figment of our collective imagination?

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