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Habs Win Big Against New Jersey. What A Nice Rebound From The Mediocre West Coast Swing March 12, 2008

Tonight, Tuesday night, I’m pretty darn happy. The big game was on my brand new, big TV, and the boys, in spendid Panasonic colour, played the kind of game that I’m convinced could take them to the promised land and go all the way.

Montreal beat New Jersey 4-0, a shutout for Carey Price, a leap into first place in the east, and more importantly, a renewing of great play that was missing on their western swing where they didn’t look great in any of the four games, although they won two.

Tonight, Montreal played with passion. I thought they’d be tired after their western road trip, but they didn’t show it. The 38 shots directed at Carey Price were (as he said on RDS after the game, from the sides and not really good scoring chances). And young Sergei Kostitsyn played great, along with Price and most of the team, and from the get go , I had a good feeling about this game.

It was a great effort, and all Habs fans should be completely content with what happened tonight. Now it’s Ottawa on Thursday. Let’s pay them back for that 6-0 humiliation the Senators delivered to Montreal just prior to them going to Tampa Bay and the whole Ryan O’Byrne affair that I wish would go away but seems to stay connected to the team as we go along. 

Good job tonight boys. Vive Les Canadiens.


6 Responses to “Habs Win Big Against New Jersey. What A Nice Rebound From The Mediocre West Coast Swing”

  1. danny Says:


    WOW… nice hockey….fast pace….nice pass…..everything seem to be going for the tricolor,PRICE was very sharp,it look like the CANADIENS can beat anybody playing that type of hockey,they are a fast team……but….one thing was missing….NO HITS…..good hard body check can change the whole game,there was none…good nite


  2. Mike Williamson Says:

    Fantastic,if they play like that every night good things will come are way !!Nice to see Kovalev on the ice rather than in the penalty box.
    Les Canadiens Toujours

  3. der Habinator Says:

    I didn’t see the game but I can imagine it musta been quite exciting to watch. I do cruise the Habs blogs to see what others have to say & I came across one article written by a guy named T.C. Deneault for The Hockey News. To me it was shoddy at best, & supposedly written by a lifelong habs fan as well as somebody who is interested in understanding fans of other teams & how they differ. In any case, he starts out with a dictionary entry of `passsion’ (sigh, a cheap journalistic ploy that usually indicates absence of thought), then claims that Cdn fans are, well, passionate. Duh? I mean, talk about a term that characterizes all fans. In any case, he decides that that that isn’t quite right & ends up with another dictionary entry for Fickle. Oh yeah, habs fans are, guess what habbers, fickle.

    I was naturally irked by the blatant lack of professionalism: not researched – nothing about the Canadiens tradition of excellence, the role & impact they have had on the quebecois/canadian culture, cf. The Richard riot, Roch Carrier’s story The Hockey Sweater, etc etc; as well, poorly thought out: no notion of what it means to be a fan in general, no mention of how habs fans are very much shaped & informed by their teams tradition of excellence, then to say because we are critical & identify with our team & demand more from them that habs fans are different from other fans by being fickle is simply stupid -hab fans are an extension of their team & as such they have learned what it takes to achieve & maintain excellence in the NHL, we can’t be bsed by poor hockey which willingness to be self-critical clearly demonstrates how loyal & committed we are.

    The stupidity of this article impelled me to respond but, hmm, the comment couldn’t be posted – tried 3x, & once I commented on this failure & voila it was posted then it was delisted. Weird. In any case, Habs fans are clearly the exact opposite of fickle . We are demanding, we are critical we are knowledgeable about hockey – as well we should be coming from as well as representing not only the greatest of all hockey traditions but one of the greatest of all sport – so we do locate ourselves in a expectations of excellence ( we know what it is! & therefore we don’t bs ourselves about poor performances which is absolutely essential if we want to continue to have quality effort & performance. Resting on one’s laurels all Habs fans know to be the last thing we should do or let our team do. But this doughhead failed to understand that the passion of the habs fans is the passion for excellence the unwillingness to settle for the second-rate. And when the hockey is good we not only know it we applaud it but when it’s bad, hey, not acceptable.

    So, U wanna read a bit of bad journalism posing as considered thought, check it out at The HJockey News. Hey, let them know how bad it is …maybe they’ll even post it!

  4. Dennis Says:

    Guess what, der Habinator. It was only recently I read another of TC Deneaut’s stories which he went on about meeting the Pocket Rocket. He said whenever he talks to his dad about the ’50’s and ’60’s, he learns. He even talked about “passion”, which you mentionied.
    So I replied and said it was neat because I met the Pocket’s older brother once, and it was a thrill and blah, blah, blah.
    He wrote back in this very generic language like he was Red Fisher or Stan Fischler, thanking me for liking his article etc.. I liked his article not because of the writing, but because it was about the Pocket. So he misread me. And it irked me because it felt as if he was talking down to me. And as far as being a Habs fan, guys like you and me and Mike etc. wipe the floor with this type. He should read my blog. Then he’d learn something.

  5. der Habinator Says:

    DK ,

    Glad U read my entry there. What I tried to post to their site was not only a slap-down of his bs re what it means to be a Habs fan, but also how shoddily researched & written, & how poorly thought out it was. Ha! I don’t know what aggravated me more, his so-called analysis of Habs fans which was really not only stupid but insulting as well, or his amateurish writing skills – seriously, I was embarrassed for him & for a publication which has such low standards. So I’m not surprised he came across as a self-important pompous twit – the mediocre usually are. And, yeah, it irks me to see second-rate hacks get paid for their bs. A tinge of `envy’? Perhaps. But, damn, I”m neither boasting nor bragging when I say that I could give that boy some much needed lessons in how to write. Ha, I suspect most people who have penned a few missives could.

    In any case, re the Habs fans as extension of the Habs, I also suggested that he log on to your blog site (hehe, so I anticipated U there) as well as read Fisher’s column on the Devils game in which Habs Fans are clearly shown to be somewhat less than fickle. I don’t always agree with RF nor am I a huge fan of his style but at least the man knows how to write & how to construct an article.

  6. Dennis Says:

    Habinator. I just had to edit my last comment because I read it and saw two spelling mistakes and two words left out. It’s because my wife kept interrupting me to have a look at the caulking she’s doing in the bathtub and threw off my concentration.

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