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Taking Care Of The Kings. Now Down The Road To Disneyland To Meet The Ducks. Plus: Grabovski Sulks March 9, 2008

The Canadiens won the game in LA and got their two points, which is great because I’m a greedy bastard. But again, as has been the case the last little while, they played way too loosey-goosey, giving up 35 shots (39 in Phoenix Thursday night), and as the self-appointed west-coast Red Fisher, I’m not happy about this.

Anyway, they won and got their two points, like I said.

Carbonneau played Jaroslav Halak in goal and he was fine, and I realize it’s his style and all that, but he does the butterfly or flops on his knees whenever the puck’s within 10 feet. He reminds me of Cristobal Huet. And you can see he’s borrowed  from Patrick Roy.

I just feel more confident when the goalie stays a little more on his feet. But he won, AND AGAIN, WE GOT THE TWO POINTS WHICH IS GOOD BECAUSE I’M A GREEDY BASTARD.

Sunday evening, the team moves over to Anaheim to take on the Ducks (Quackers), once known regally as “The Mighty Ducks!”  They’re a fine team and got finer when Scott Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne rejoined the club.  ducks1.jpg

But Montreal has the team to whip these Quackers. I mean, why not? They’ve got 85 points, and Anaheim 83. The only ones who wouldn’t give the Habs a chance are TSN and several CBC hockey analysts. In their eyes, the Ducks are the finest ensemble to ever lace on skates, and the Habs are a bunch of house-league slugs who don’t belong in the same league.

But what do they know. They wear makeup.

IN OTHER NEWS:  Habs rookie call-up Mikhail Grabovski left the team early in Phoenix after he found out he wasn’t playing, and ran crying into the arms of his LA-based agent. Grabovski is a rookie trying to crack the lineup, and this little move doesn’t help him one bit. Pay your dues, be patient, work hard, and be ready when called. Until then, shut up and quit sulking.

Carbonneau and Bob Gainey sat down with the young fellow and gave him the facts of life. Then, in a great move, Carbonneau sat him out for the Kings game also.


3 Responses to “Taking Care Of The Kings. Now Down The Road To Disneyland To Meet The Ducks. Plus: Grabovski Sulks”

  1. danny Says:


    I think montreal might pulled this one ,gonna be physical,im watching pitsburg washington game lots of action there,wow pitsburg just got a gift and an empty net goal 2 goal for crosby malkin 3 points
    good day

  2. der Habinator Says:

    DK, I appreciate your sentiments re the accumulation of pts by the standard bearers of Truth & Justice in the hockey world, but I do believe U do urself (&, because Ur such a visible representative of the Hab Nation, all habs fans) an injustice: U are NOT greedy. Greed is a negative impulse, it’s an all-consuming desire to acquire & consume more of what one does not need – in effect, it is toxic. The Miser is the classic case of a `greedy bastard’ & I do not think that U wish to depict urself (or any habber) as the Silas Marner of the Habs Nation – not good for the`team’. Instead, I would like to suggest that U are `hungry’, that U have a healthy appetite for excellence & the fruits that come from performing consistently at a high level of play – pts, wins, cups being the visible substantive symbols of such accompllishments. In this sense, then clearly, the 8-loss Habs team stands out as the team that has come closest to satiating ur (our) appetite. The goal – not the dream, not the fantasy – of all Sainte flanelle is the undefeated, untied, sweep to the cup season. This is not greed, this is reasonable expectation. And, note, this is all positive because, after all, as goeth the Habs so goeth the universe.

  3. danny Says:


    kovalev,selane,and the winning goaltender for 3 star PRICE gonna have to be priceless…..
    good afternoon

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