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Watching In Style As Montreal Wins In Phoenix March 7, 2008

Three big things happened in the last little while. Montreal beat Phoenix 4-2, they grabbed first place in the east again because of this win, and I watched the game on my brand new TV.

And not only did I watch the game on my new TV, but I also watched it on RDS French which shows every Habs game but you need a a box or digital cable to get it, which I now have.

And even though I don’t speak a lot of French, it’s no problem watching hockey on a French network. The players names are the same, and the puck does the same thing. Any hockey fan worth his or her salt can enjoy a game even if they don’t understand the announcers.

So it was interesting to see a game in Phoenix. I’m not sure if I ever have before, and the big thing that sticks out is there were a serious number of Habs fans there, with Montreal jerseys all over the place. Phoenix, of course, gets a lot of snowbirds, so the rink was packed with Canadians seeing their Canadiens.

I also thought Wayne Gretzky had a pretty expensive-looking suit with snazzy cream- coloured tie.

It wasn’t good that the Habs gave up 39 shots, but it seems like Carey Price rebounded just fine from his weak performance in San Jose. However, I’m really hoping Carbonneau plays Halak in Los Angeles on Saturday so the guy can get some work under his belt.  

After Los Angeles on Saturday, the boys get a real test Sunday in Anaheim against the Ducks. (Isn’t ‘Ducks’ a really stupid name?)

But for now anyway, the team’s in first place in the east and my new TV, which is way bigger than my old TV, is pretty darn fantastic.


5 Responses to “Watching In Style As Montreal Wins In Phoenix”

  1. danny Says:


    ya i know wayne has fancy suit but he can afford it hehe….my guess about the goaltending is PRICE probably will be in,his confidence is up there so i think CARBONEAU will keep him in…i could be wrong but thats my guess,you will see HALAK if PRICE let too many in or if he get hurt i think its late in the season and the games are too important to make changes….i am talking to my brother who live in LA BELLE PROVINCE and he agree well..partly agree that i am right, he follow every games of LES CANADIENS but i am a better skater than him …hehehe anyway my prediction for next game is the CANADIENS will be FLYING all over L.A……………

    I could or could i be wrong…hehe good day


  2. danny Says:


    I beleive he is trainning intensely,i remember seeing him for the first time at a junior world tournement, he was awsome LES CANADIENS might be able to pull a stanley cup with their goalies…..but its hard to predict with so many teams…..gotta watch the underdogs…….they are always dangerous in the playoff and once they start winning watch out …..for some unknown reason in my mind either PRICE or HALAK could bring memories of a certain guy name DRYDEN….. just a thought….


  3. der Habinator Says:

    There is a certain delight from getting a name right, of labelling something in such a way that it `fits’ it well. This is not an easy thing to do & often we simply settle for the mundane stuff like Sharks & Wolves for sports teams so Ducks isn’t a dumb name per se, cf. The Oregon Ducks. There are a lot of positive attributes to ducks that make it not dumb if somewhat less than dramatic. Certainly the pond/duck thing works & it does appeal to the kids. No, what was dumb was The Mighty Ducks which was a typical smarmy, aren’t-we-clever label hung on a pro team in a league striving for legitimacy in the US by the same nird-neggheads who mock everybody else but, oh, don’t U dare make fun of them! An instance of an inappropriate name is, will-nilly, the girl’s team based in Winnipeg I believe called The Beavers.

  4. Dennis Says:

    The name Ducks strikes fear into absolutely no one. It shows no strength, (like Rockies, Oshawa Generals) or power (Bruins, Lightning, Panthers, Hurricane) or speed (Red Wings), or patriotism (Canucks, Canadiens, Maple Leafs). All it is a little qwacker.
    Of course there are other bad ones out there, but that doesn’t excuse Anaheim.

  5. der Habinator Says:

    Dennis, since when does a name win a game? Nobody on the opposing team, hehehe, `ducks out’ when the Ducks come to town or feel `eider’ more or less `ducky’ at the prospect of playing them although I am certain that opposing teams are looking to `feather’ their nests at their expense & would like nothing better than for the Ducks to lay an egg against them while at the same time laying a big goose egg on them. And the Maple Leafs certainly instill no dread in anybody against whom they play & certainly the fans give a damn less – ha, the only resonance that dumb name has is with their equally dumb fans. Le Canadiens are renowned for `firewagon’ hockey yet there is not even a connotative sense of speed in their name, and they have a certain charisma simply because of their past performances, not because of their name. Let’s paraphrase Shakespeare: A team by any other name would play the same
    But mind u, a name like the Mighty Ducks was demeaning simply because it was aping films in which a kids’ team was so named so, who knows, perhaps the performance of players on those teams was affected not only by mocking by others but also by a lurking sense of silliness on their part. However, the bottom line is that the Ducks won the cup & they won it with a hard-nosed aggressive style of hockey despite their somewhat less than mighty name.

    der Habinator

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