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Remembering Doug Harvey March 6, 2008

The following is my column in the Powell River Peak, published March 3, 2008. doug.jpg                           

Unless you’re very young, or have never paid particular attention to hockey, you probably know who Doug Harvey is. You might know only that he was a hockey player a long time ago. But maybe you know he’s rated as the sixth greatest player of all time, and it’s between him and Bobby Orr as the game’s best defenceman ever.

He played for the Montreal Canadiens alongside Rocket Richard, Jean Beliveau, and the rest of the cast of iconic 1950’s characters, and he was, with the Rocket, my boyhood hero. When I was a kid, my dad even corralled coach Toe Blake one night at Maple leaf Gardens in Toronto to go into the dressing room and get Harvey’s autograph for me.

Doug Harvey’s gone now, but I still think about him, so a few weeks ago, I did what I had to do. I phoned his son in the Maritimes.

Doug Harvey Jr. is 57 years old, is proud of his dad, and he was happy to talk about him. What was it like, I asked, being the son of such a star? “It was probably just like you and your dad,” he said. “We were just a family like everyone else. Kids at school didn’t treat me any different, and when I played hockey, there were no names on the sweaters, so no one gave me a hard time at the rink. “I guess one thing that might be different was that players would come over to the house quite often – Dickie Moore, Jean Beliveau, Jacques Plante, the Rocket a few times. When dad was building our house, most of the team helped him.”Even the kids of the Montreal Canadiens found a connection, probably because they had so much in common. “We lived near a lot of the players,” continued Doug Jr., “and I was a good buddy with Toe Blake’s son. And it’s funny too, my brother has been dating Dickie Moore’s daughter for a few years now, and dad and Dickie were best friends.”Doug Jr. remembers too how sometimes his dad’s job interfered with a family trying to have a normal life. “My mom would get upset with dad because we’d go to games on schools nights from time to time, and for an eight o’clock game, he’d be at the old Forum at 5:30 and stay for a couple of hours afterward signing autographs for people. We wouldn’t get home until after midnight and we had to get up in the morning for school.”

Doug Harvey was a genuine free spirit, a practical joker, a fun-loving guy, a kind-hearted person, and a supremely gifted hockey player. He dominated on the ice in the old ‘original six’ NHL, controlling the game, slowing it down or speeding it up, making precise passes, setting the pace, and was a leader among men.

He was a general on the ice, and won the Norris trophy for best defenceman a remarkable seven times.

Slowly though, over the years, his health began to fail, and then, in 1989, at 65 years of age, the great Doug Harvey passed away.

“I remember visiting him in the hospital and he was usually in good spirits,” said Doug Jr. “One time I was in the corridor and I heard laughter coming from his room. Inside, Bobby Orr and Don Cherry were there cheering up my dad.”

And I’m sure, after all I’ve read, and after talking to Doug Jr., the man with the big heart was cheering them up too.


4 Responses to “Remembering Doug Harvey”

  1. Mike Williamson Says:

    Dennis correct me if I`m wrong,but Lawerences earlier post brags about the Canucks cup appearance. Was`nt it their way of cheering on their team by a mass waving of White towels,was this a form of mass surrender?????
    In Montreal only the Red White & Blue would be waved proudly !!!
    Les Canadien Toujours

  2. Dennis Says:

    That had to be it – mass surrender. How come, Lawrence?

  3. danny Says:


    HI Dennis….
    must of been a good game…… very good insignt of DOUG HARVEY …. kovalev kovalev kovalev that guy does his homework,, fine hands, good skater and those passes,….man he read the ice and the game so good,i enjoy watching him play,and what about PRICE 37 saves wow it sur help building confidence and thats good , i missed that game i was working but i check the stats as soon as i got home,now with pitsburg losing(what happen malkin slowing down ? ) you got to make those remainning games count if you want the first place in the east LES CANADIENS L,EMPORTE good day ….

  4. Young Harvey and miss moore stopped by my bar in Alex bay to revisit one of mr Dougs’ old watering holes .they ask about the home of gordie o’brien where mr. Doug would stay when in the bay . it was pretty cool to have hockey royalty in the ole’ goerger’s islander -dancing dawg ,
    They really liked our band and it was a warm feeling to have them in. I remember mr Scotty bowman and a few boys stopping in and one of my nephews was tending the bar . After awhile he recognized mr. Bowman and was asked to not tell the other patrons , a nice little player himself and a little star struck he snitched ole Scotty out .
    After the fanfare mr. Scotty called my nephew Rick down looked at him and said “thanks a lot dick head” and , ordered another round!
    We really love our hockey here in Alex bay ny all the boys in my family played !
    One of my other Nephews is the captain of Boston university ,drafted late by the panthers . Pierre Mc Guirre says his board play is his ticket to the NHL
    I hope he’s right ! So if Harvey and Moore are in the thousand islands
    Please stop by for a round on the house, it’s the least we can do.
    The pub was my dads since 1946 and were still grinding it out !

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