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Making Things Right. Talking About The Vancouver Canucks. You’re Welcome, Lawrence. March 5, 2008

In Lawrence’s comment today, he asked, because he’s on some sort of west coast hallucinatory drug, that I mention the Vancouver Canucks. Normally I prefer to write about only important things, but because Lawrence needs to read about the Canucks, I’ll try.

The Vancouver Canucks entered the NHL in 1970-71. Since then, they’ve only missed the playoffs 15 times. They made it to the Stanley Cup finals once, in 1994. Lawrence likes to dwell a lot on 1994. They didn’t win of course, but Lawrence, it seems, doesn’t mind just coming close.

The Canucks are known for their, uh, milkwagon hockey. They have one jersey retired, Stan Smyl’s number 12. Stan Smyl had 262 goals in 14 seasons there. That’s an average of 18 goals a year. He’s the best player in Canucks history, this 18 goal a year guy.

Of course there’s been other stars over the years for Vancouver. Todd Bertuzzi, for one, who every Canucks’ fan, including Lawrence, should be mighty proud of. There’s Darcy Rota, Doug Lidster, Ron Sedlbauer, Larry Gould. Legends all. Players who made fans jump out of their seats. Milkwagon hockey! And there’s more, lots more –   Jeff  Rohlicek, Garth Rizzuto, Roman Oksiuta, Jim Nill. The list is endless.

And last but not least, Lawrence’s all time favourite, Trevor Linden. Trevor will be in the Hall of Fame some day. All it’ll cost him is the $9.95 ticket to get through the door. 

Lawrence was right. I’ve neglected all this time to mention the Vancouver Canucks. But I hope I’ve made up for it now. 

I just don’t know what got into me. 


2 Responses to “Making Things Right. Talking About The Vancouver Canucks. You’re Welcome, Lawrence.”

  1. Lawrence Says:


    I know you are a big Canucks fan. You have told me as much in our very interesting rides to work. Having said that, I’m surprised at the misinformation you are spreading. The Canucks have been to the Cup TWICE, as every fan knows. The fabled run of 1981 is still in our collective memory. Does the name Harold Snepsts mean anything to you?

    If you make a basic error like this, it boggles the mind as to how many more errors are rife in this blog!

  2. Mike Williamson Says:

    Dennis; Is Snepsts a Ginger Ale or a German Liquor????

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