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Footnotes From The Day After The Night Before. Being Especially Proud of The Montreal Canadiens Today March 2, 2008

I’m in first place this morning. Actually, the Montreal Canadiens are in first place, but because me and Mike Williamson and scores of other fans have stuck with them through thick and thin over decades and decades, we’re part of the team too. We’re team members, we just don’t lace on the skates. 1st.jpg

When the score was tied 1-1 last night, my wife was laying on the couch, very tired from getting up early. I jokingly said to her we should go for a beer after the game. Surprisingly, she said if Montreal won, we would. They did and we did! What a wife!

I got an email from Rick the trucker informing me that cows don’t have balls, bulls do. (Feb. 27 post). Hey, if it stands in a field and moos from time to time, and eats and shits at the same time, it’s a cow even if it is a bull.cow-power.jpg

Martin Brodeur would have been a fine Montreal Canadien. He was born and raised in Montreal and his dad, Denis, was the Habs official photographer for years and years. I’m sure young Martin was a big Habs fan growing up. Just like Sidney Crosby, Vincent Lecavalier, and Vladislav Tretiak. But we’re doing just fine without him, thank you very much.

When I heard the fans at the Bell Centre chanting ‘Go Habs Go’ it brought me back to another time. Unlike the past several years, I could hear real passion in last night’s chant. It felt like it was during Montreal-Boston, or the Nordiques, etc. playoff games at the old Forum. It was dramatic. It was spine-tingling. It was music to my

The New Jersey Devils are a contender every year because they never change the way they approach their game. They smother the other team with checking and don’t worry a great deal about scoring. It’s effective, and really, really boring.

The Devils also blamed the officiating for the loss.

I hope Bob McKenzie, Pierre McGuire, and all the big-shot television experts learn something from this. They, in their wisdom, picked Montreal to finish out of the playoffs, in about 14th place. Maybe next year they should just say that there’s no way of telling.

During this weeks’ west coast swing, it’d be nice to see the Habs new backup goalie Jaroslav Halak, get some work. Maybe Carbonneau could start him against Phoenix, and if he plays well, let him go again in Los Angeles. It’d be a nice little breather for Carey Price, who could play in San Jose Monday and Anaheim next Sunday.


4 Responses to “Footnotes From The Day After The Night Before. Being Especially Proud of The Montreal Canadiens Today”

  1. Mike Williamsonm Says:

    Well Dennis I`m as pleased as you I`m sure all teams playing Les Canadiens are advised to stay out of tha penality box but the way calls are made now it`s almost impossible.I`m not just talking about calls against us but also our opposition.
    Watching the hi-lites of Gainey`s career 90% of his hits would now be called !
    This brings me to a matter which I`ve wachted all season are Ryder`s skates installed with hinges? Whenever a sudden stop is required he falls down,a quick turn he falls down,no wonder no calls are made because it`s become common Knowledge he can`t stay solid on his skates & turns into a human Zaboni.If Gainey & Carbo plan on keeping him he should be sent to power skating session during the off season!! I can`t count the missed scoring oppertunities we`ve squandered becauase he`s flat on his back & out of position!!!! No wonder the Ref`s don`t call any infractions when he goes down i`ts expected. Get new skates or if using a new style revert back to the ones he used previously.
    Any ways Great to be First In The East!!
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. danny Says:


    hi again…good game, les canadiens played a good game,to me it look like it could of went either way….no bull,i would be surprise if carbonneau use the other goalie,i think guy like the team the way they are at the moment,also with pitsburg on top that might change when crosby comes back,(malkin my favorite russian player)(probably MARIO,s clone)has been awsome,fleury is back in goal……geee… scary a french canadiens goalie and crosby soon to be playing,watch out montreal somebody else wants first place……

    good day all

  3. der Habinator Says:

    Of course I’m Sainte Flannelle so I picked the Habs to go deep into the playoffs this year. Do it every yr & when they do flame out I’m totally shocked. When the Habs don’t win the cup it can only mean baaaad things will happen in the universe: yes, sports fans, in case U haven’t noticed: the universe is shrinking at an accelerating pace, solar flares are wreaking havoc on our atmosphrere, & the world is increasingly messed up precisely because of the dearth of Cups in Montreal in the past years. I don’t expect the semi-conscious fans of other nations to be aware of this creeping degration of our living space but, hey, flannelles, our deliberate ignoring of what we know to be trooo is inexcusable! We must accept our responsibilities & do what we know needs to be done for the good of all.

    And, of course, everybody knew we had some great young talent in the system but what they didn’t know was how fast they would mature … except for me, of course, hehehhe. Why? Because I know it every year. Yup, keep an eye on Cincinnati – some really good young playes in the fermentation stage, as it were.

    So, please, let’s collectively lay off this `wanna make the playoffs’ bs & get back to basics, to the proper set of expectations – failure to win the cup is not only unacceptable to the Hab Nation but it poses a serious threat to all life as we know it. This egregious decline in standards chez les fans has slowly & implacably wormed its way into the heart of our apple resulting in a concommitent lowering of expectations by the guys who strap on the blades – smarten up Habs fans & start accepting your responsibility for the good of the whole shebang!

    der Habinator

  4. Dennis Says:

    I’ve said it before – why are we talking about just making the playoffs. It should always be “winning the Cup.” Good stuff Habinator.

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