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Montreal Loses To Columbus. Gainey’s Number Isn’t The Only Thing That Should Be Hung By The Rafters February 24, 2008

On a very emotional night, Bob Gainey and his lovely kids watched as his old number 23 was raised to the rafters. Then, right after that, Bob’s team sucked fumes.

Why is that? Why couldn’t Montreal, in a big-time playoff race, on a night honouring their boss who is liked and respected by all, come out flying on all cylinders and trounce a supposedly inferior team such as the Columbus Blue Jackets? Instead, they play uninspired, lacklustre hockey at a time when they should be playing full-speed ahead, fire wagon hockey and grabbing those all-important two points.


Now they’ve lost to Pittsburgh and shut out 3-0 by Columbus. They’re letting in too many goals a game, and in a playoff run, you’re suppose to tighten up in this area. It’s a real concern.

Next up is the visiting Atlanta Thrashers, a team who strikes fear into no one. Which Montreal team will show up for this one?

If the team comes up flat again, I think I’ll take up cricket. And if you want to join me, I looked up the top five cricket teams in the world. They are: Sri Lanka with 35 points. England with 30, West Indies – 20, India – 13, and Bangladesh with 12.sri-lanka.jpg

Not sure who my favourite team will be. Sri Lanka seems to be having a fine year, but England is close behind. Not sure who I’ll choose. Maybe I’ll go with the nicest uniforms, but then again, aren’t they all white?


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