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Magic In Montreal Against The Rangers: Plus Bonus Coverage Of Jim Wills, A Cheez Whiz Jar, And A Road Trip February 20, 2008

cheez-whiz.jpgI can’t say enough about how important it was that Montreal looked good against the dastartly and unsavoury New York Rangers on Tuesday night. These Rangers, or the Hell’s Kitchenettes as I like to call them, were down 3-0 to Montreal a couple of weeks ago and stormed back to win 5-3, which was right after Ovechkin and the Capitals had made the team look bad, and this was the beginning of the nightmare which included Toronto beating the Habs, then Ottawa clobbered them 6-1, then Ryan O’Byrne almost got thrown into Sing Sing, then the guys lost to Tampa Bay because everyone had a hangover.

It was a bad stretch, needless to say.

So tonight, I came home and the Rangers were leading 5-0 in the second period. I was already having a bad day, so this was the capper. Carey Price had been pulled after the first three goals. I thought about going to bed, even though it was 4PM Pacific time.

It was a nightmare.

But then, it started.  Michael Ryder, in a season long slump, scored a couple. Then Kovalev. Then Streit. And then Kovalev again, late in the game,  scored to tie it 5-5. The crowd was in a frenzy. Montreal, in their long and tremendous history, had never, ever, come back from a 5-0 deficit to gain a point. It was drama. Goosebumps. Shock.

The game went into overtime with the crowd singing their Olay song.  History was happening. A standing ovation was given to the boys from the Bell Centre fans. I hugged my wife.

Holy Smokes!

Overtime ended and it became a shootout. Nope, nope, nope, nope, Koivu – yep, Jagr – nope.

MONTREAL WON!   They came back even better than New York had come back two weeks ago.  What a sport! What a game! What a team! I hugged my wife again.

This sure helped my bad day.

And about that Cheez Whiz jar? It involves a roadtrip to Hartford, Washington, and New Jersey in 1988 but I can’t tell you anything else. It’s too immature. 

And Jim Wills, who was my hockey buddy back then, and who recently commented on the blog about becoming a Senators fan after a lifetime of being a Habs fan, was the guy who did all the driving while the rest of us relaxed.

 He knows about the Cheez Whiz jar.


3 Responses to “Magic In Montreal Against The Rangers: Plus Bonus Coverage Of Jim Wills, A Cheez Whiz Jar, And A Road Trip”

  1. Mike Williamson Says:

    Well Dennis it was a hat trick for Ryder,but that was not the complete picture,down 5-0 they stormed back to win a shoot-out yes, but it showed to me a team with desire & atlast to give it`s all.
    If this team gives the same effort win draw or loss I will be very proud ! To me this was the best effort as a complete team we have seen so far this season !! The playoffs will soon be around the corner,& if this has now become the the mindset of Les Canadiens it warms my heart.Many games yet to be engaged but if the heart & effort shown to-nite continue Great things may come are way & the Cup just might reside where it`s historic previous 24 cups have resided Montreal !!!!
    Les Canadien Toujours !!

  2. Jim Wills Says:

    Dennis. I can only believe that after witnessing that 5-0 score that you were probably srambling for the Cheese Wiz jar……..and then probably again after the Koivu shootout winner. How do you spell relief?

  3. Beatnik Says:

    Dream Whip works good too!!!!!

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