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A Sincere Apology To Ken Dryden, A Lovely Lady, And All Those Around Him February 19, 2008

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I tried to be funny and it didn’t come out that way. So I’m coming out and apologizing for writing what I wrote about Ken Dryden, who by the way, is one of my all-time heroes, and who is also greatly admired by my Russian wife who watched him closely during the 1972 Canada-Russia Summit Series in her country.

I think Ken Dryden is one of Canada’s great men, and someday could be the leader of our country. His book, ‘The Game’ written in 1983 about his Montreal Canadiens is surely the great sports book of all time. He’s an intelligent, thoughtful, and I believe, very kind man, and was a terrific goalie.

Mr. Dryden has his thoughts on signing multiple items, and I appreciate that. Often, people only want things from famous people so they can turn around and make a buck. I’m not like this, and anything signed by Ken Dryden is for me, cherished.

I didn’t mean for anyone to get into any trouble regarding my post (which, I’d like to say again, was meant to be silly and lighthearted, but as I re-read it, it looked pretty darn serious.)

And of course I would vote for Dryden. This athlete-turned-politician , to me, is the real deal.

This is big “I’m sorry” from me.

I had no idea of the power of the internet.


One Response to “A Sincere Apology To Ken Dryden, A Lovely Lady, And All Those Around Him”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    Hey, you took down your previous post! What’s up. Freedom of the press and all that! Worker’s unite! Power to the people!

    Did Dryden send you an email admonishing you? Or worse, was Parliament Hill going to unleash their lawyers on you?

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