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Wearing The Sweater With Pride, And Beating Philadelphia February 15, 2008

Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard, and Yvon Cournoyer have come out in public and said young guys coming up now with the Habs don’t understand what it means to wear the jersey. This follows on the heels of the Ryan O’Byrne nightmare. The three have said that you have to wear the CH with honour and dignity, or words to that effect.

Honour and dignity was the second thing I thought of after the incident came out in the news. The first thing I thought of was about how they’d just got slaughtered by Ottawa and now they’re probably going to lose to lowly Tampa Bay because they’ll be sluggish from partying. Which they were, and did.

But enough said. Now we turn to the dastardly Philadelphia Flyers for a home and home Saturday and Sunday. Philly has 65 points, maybe 67 depending on tonight’s clash with Tampa Bay, but they’ve been in a bit of slump recently. Montreal has 69 points and have also been in a slump. So they’re close.

And Montreal may be better drinkers but there’s no way of knowing, really.

I also have a confession to make. I’ve been quite hard on Flyers rookie Steve Downey in previous posts, but I heard a story about him lately that has made me change my thinking a little. When Steve was eight years old, he and his dad were driving home from a hockey practice and were in a car accident. Steve’s dad was killed.

So I’m going to let up on him from now on. As long as he doesn’t run someone else in a game and cause an injury.

Evening update!  Philadelphia just lost 5-3 to Tampa Bay, their fifth straight loss. This can mean one of two things. The Flyers will suck Saturday night, or they’ll break out and play like crazy. Or both teams will suck. Or both teams will break out.  Or…..never mind.


2 Responses to “Wearing The Sweater With Pride, And Beating Philadelphia”

  1. Michel Says:

    I’m pretty sure Steve Downie has gotten away with a lot of shit in his life because of the “father died in car accident” back story. It doesn’t make him less of psychopath, nor does it really excuse his behaviour. Because, using that logic there are a lot or real fuckers in the world who should be excused because of some sad-sack story.
    The kid is the next Marchment, and he’ll still be wearing his shit-eating grin whenever he ruins someone’s career.
    Um, besides that, I’ve been enjoying your site. 🙂

  2. Dennis Says:

    Michel’s right. I had a weak moment. Let’s squash the little prick.

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