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Rick The Trucker Reports On a Very Disturbing, And Rascist, Quebec Hockey TV Show February 15, 2008

Because Rick pulls his 53 foot trailer between Ottawa and Montreal, he listens a lot to Montreal sports talk radio in his truck. The other night, the topic on his radio was a french television show that talks hockey. And what he reports is pretty surprising. Take it away, Rick. 

“Today’s big topic was about last night’s 110% show on TV. It’s on french TQS channel and has a bunch of Quebecers who don’t like any Hab who isn’t a native of Quebec. Some of the panel include Michel Bergeron, Jean Perron, and a bunch of other know-it-alls.

“Anyway, last night they were bitching about Tom Kostopoulos (english) playing and Steve Begin (french) sitting out. PJ Stock, who guests at times even with his limited french, was trying to make the point that at least Kostopoulos will drop the gloves and fend for himself and his teammates. Then guest Michel Beaudry called Kostopoulos, on live TV, “Kostfuckupolis, to quite the chuckles from the other guests. And he thought that was so great, he said it again.

“The whole show revolves around shitting on non-french players. And the point PJ Stock, as well as half the city of Montreal was making, was that Maxim Lapierre’s habit of stirring up shit on the ice and leaving the mess to Bouillon or Kostopoulos to clean up has to stop. Insiders say even his own teammates are sick of it, and if he decided to clean up his own mess, he’d gain more respect from his teammates.

“So on the radio last night, all the greeks and anglos, as well as many french, were calling in about the name-calling on live TV.

“Just another day in Montreal.”

“In other news: I heard Chris Nilan in an interview with old teammate Gary Galley, and he’s a GREAT interview. Also, Jean Beliveau said that what happened in Florida was no big deal, but the idea of players making rookies buy 500 dollar bottles of wine at rookie dinners wasn’t right. He said as captain, he would never allow that. He doesn’t agree with rookie dinners at all. In his day they had their own initiations, but he wouldn’t elaborate.”

Thanks Rick. Now get back to work.


One Response to “Rick The Trucker Reports On a Very Disturbing, And Rascist, Quebec Hockey TV Show”

  1. Jimmy Tsalikis Says:

    I wonder what jose theodore’s father would have to say, about that racists piece of shit, making fun at another greek.

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