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The Circus Is In Town: Montreal Takes On The Leafs February 7, 2008

This might not be good for the Montreal Canadiens. They play the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday night, and because the Leafs just got pasted 8-0 by the Florida Panthers, of all teams, they won’t be feeling good right now. This is a team in turmoil, has been all year, all decade, all several decades, and we’ve seen this scenario before. A team gets embarrassed, humiliated, laughed at, and dismissed, and comes out next game and plays like gangbusters.

The Leafs usually play well against the Habs anyway, so when I think about it, this game could smell. 

But it shouldn’t. The Habs are hotter than Angelina Jolie in heat, and are 16 points better than the Leafs, who are as cold as cold can be.

If I had a say in this, I’d want another 8-0 loss for the Leafs. I always have great evenings when Montreal scores a lot.

The Leafs in turmoil is part of being a Leaf. Even in the ’30’s, ’40’s, and ’50’s, Owner Conn Smythe was hiring and firing and mouthing off to the press about players like Busher Jackson and coaches like Dick Irvin and Billy Reay. There were the fights between Punch Imlach and various players such as Frank Mahovlich in the 1960’s. And Harold Ballard took turmoil to new heights in the 1970’s and ’80’s when he fought with Darryl Sittler and had his ‘C’ removed from his sweater, and when he ordered coach Roger Neilson to wear a paper bag over his head. (Neilson refused, thankfully.) Or Ballard going on about hating European players and how he wouldn’t let the Russians ever play at Maple Leaf Gardens. (He did anyway.)

Then there was the boardroom backstabbing, with Ballard trying to make his girlfriend Yolanda, who knew nothing about running a hockey team, a principle shareholder.

Frankly, I’ve never understood why King Clancy remained so faithful to the miserable old coot all those years.

Now, this year, GM John Ferguson Jr. has been fired, (probably rightfully so), and Cliff Fletcher has been brought in to restore some sanity to the asylum. Coach Paul Maurice’s job is hanging by a thread, and the Leafs’ best player, Mats Sundin, is the only one in the free world who thinks he’s staying put and not traded.

It’s all wonderful stuff.  And it’ll be even more wonderful if the Habs clobber them Thursday night.


6 Responses to “The Circus Is In Town: Montreal Takes On The Leafs”

  1. j2i2m22 Says:

    As a Leaf fan wanting them to lose… I have a feeling they will come out flying against the Habs, just like they did against the Sens…. they tend to play well against teams that are way about them in the standings, but they don’t bother showing up against teams low in the standings. ie. St. Louis and Florida

  2. Dennis Says:

    Hi J212m22. Do you want Sundin traded for a bunch of players, or to stay put?

  3. Mike Williamson Says:

    Does R2-D2 also respond to your site ??
    Les Canadiens tojours !

  4. j2i2m22 Says:

    Yup called it. 4-2 Leafs…

    I want him traded for a future, then if possible signed again in the off-season, but I think thats unlikely. But I would rather him be traded than just lost for nothing. ie. Drury & Briere.

  5. roy rowsell Says:

    what was the score for the montreal and toronto game? lol

  6. SD Says:

    Go Habs Go. Just because I am from Toronto and the Leafs are my home team doesn’t mean I am blind. I hope the Habs do well this year and that the Leafs keep losing so they can get some draft picks (which hopefully they won’t screw up). I cheered for Ottawa in the playoffs last year and think it would be a lark if Sundin signed with them for the rest of the year!

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