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Sean Avery and Ryan Hollweg Play For The Rangers. This Is Good News For Everybody Else. February 4, 2008

Yes, it’s not good that Montreal blew a 3-0 lead to the Rangers and lost 5-3. Yes indeed, it’s not good. It would have kept the ball rolling and brought the team to within 1 point of Ottawa with the Senators in town for a big game on Tuesday. But these things happen from time to time. I just hope it was a major lesson learned, that it takes all three periods to win.

Damn, I’m mature.

The only good to come out of this horrid loss, though, was seeing how Ryan Hollweg operates.

Ryan Holliweg is a borderline Rangers thug with a lofty 2 goals and 1 assist in 53 games. He’s just what the doctor ordered for Montreal if the boys meet the Rangers in the playoffs. Hollweg is the kind of hothead who will hurt his team by taking goon-like penalties, as he showed when he rammed Sergei Kostitsyn into the boards after Alex Kovalev had given him a sweetheart of an elbow.

You just knew it was coming by seeing him on the bench, sitting and stewing and thinking how pissed off he was and how he was going to do something about it. It’s just lucky that Kostitsyn wasn’t hurt.

And lucky for whoever meets the Rangers in the playoffs, if they make it, because it ‘s good strategy to take advantage of a jerk like him and get the Rangers a man short.   (note: Hollweg is the guy Chris Simon whacked in the face with his stick and got 25 games for it. In case you’re interested.)

And then there’s Sean Avery, a smiling, cocky mountain of mediocrity, (4 goals, 11 assists), who pulled down Sergei Kostitsyn which led to a penalty shot, which led to a goal.  (note: Avery’s a guy who dates Hollywood starlets from time to time but they keep dumping him.)

Wow, the Rangers have both of these nuts on the team. It’s great news for all playoff-bound teams in the east.


4 Responses to “Sean Avery and Ryan Hollweg Play For The Rangers. This Is Good News For Everybody Else.”

  1. Sean Avery Says:

    this is comical. “Wow, the Rangers have both of these nuts on the team. It’s great news for all playoff-bound teams in the east.” in case youre interested sean avery was a huge part of the Rangers playoff push last season and their record with him in the lineup since they got him is staggering.

    what the hell do you know about what’s good for other teams in the playoffs? the habs werent there last season, the rangers WERE.

    and yeah, a hollweg penalty will really kill the rangers in the playoffs. not as much as a kovalev elbow will kill the habs if the refs take their heads out of their asses and call it for once. you wanna throw elbows like that, fine, but dont cry when a ranger tries to kill one of your teammates.

    since the canadiens are 0-3 against the rangers this season I sure as hell would not mind seeing them in the playoffs, and that is a FACT. I bet avery and hollweg wouldnt mind seeing this team that cannot beat them either. maybe next time we’ll spot you a 5-goal lead, chokers.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Love it! This is someone who loves his Rangers. This is passion! This is hockey!

  3. Sean Avery Says:

    I’m glad you didnt take it personal, Dennis.

    truth be told I love hockey and my team and I enjoy reading your blog too. best of luck to the habs and I’ll see you in 2 weeks for the rematch dude!

  4. jackson smith Says:

    Well, your prediction about Hollweg has come true. He has killed any chance for his team with his stupid penalty tonight. What a liability. He won’t be back next season.

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