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Why I Still Back Guy Lafleur February 3, 2008

It’s like TSN’s ‘Off The Record’ with the fallout from my post, “I’m With Guy Lafleur All The Way.” The debate rages on.

Of course I don’t agree with a 22 year old having sex with a 16 year, with his dad driving him to motels. But there’s a real reason why I sympathize with Guy Lafleur, and why I support him.

My stepdaughter has basically the same problems as Mark Lafleur, and I’ve seen first-hand the heartbreaking effect it’s had on her mother, my wife, much like Guy and Lise Lafleur, who have certainly been ripped apart inside. She’s been in trouble with the law, mostly for theft, has been dating a man much, much older than her, has major bouts of crying and uncontrollable anger, has a serious drug addiction, and is on more medication than Timothy Leary.

It’s no one’s fault because it’s a mental disorder, and there’s no real way to know how to react, thus mistakes by both her mother and myself, and the Lafleur’s, are made. I thought I’d pretty well seen everything in this crazy world, until this came along, and I was completely unprepared. 

The main thing is, my wife has loved her daughter no less all along the way, through the absolutely terrible times, because it’s an unconditional love. This is what the Lafleur’s surely have for their son.

Lately my stepdaughter, because of her heavy medication which constantly is being juggled to find the best fit, has calmed down considerably, and it’s magical to see. The Lafleur’s will never stop hoping to see magic with their son too. Ever.

Of course there is no excuse for Guy driving Mark to the motels. But all I understand is from what I’ve seen through my own experience, that it’s an incredibly confusing and scary time, with way too many mistakes made along the way.

I also back Lafleur about the way the police handled it. I disagree, as do many, on how the police announced to the media about the upcoming arrest warrant. Sometimes delicate situations could be handled delicately, which wasn’t the case here.


4 Responses to “Why I Still Back Guy Lafleur”

  1. sasha456 Says:

    some may not agree with how the police handled it but the police did not put guy lafleur in this position he took it upon himself to make a decision which involved the fate of someone elses child because his son wanted it …he deserves what ever he gets .do you do have a child or a little girl ???which makes it easy for you to back him? step outside the box for a minute and take a better look at what you are saying.if we are not smart now what will we be allowing for people like this to get away with down the road…we have to protect our children not a hockey player with a lack of respect for our little girls.think about it

  2. Lawrence Says:

    This is off topic, but love the new photo on the sidebar.

  3. Mike Williamson Says:

    Dennis; Once again I agree to some degree with your sentiments & can understand the obstacles you & your Wife have gone through.I think you are aware my Wife & I have had very similar expeirences with our children ! At no time would we or I feel youselves ever aid in allowing our children to flaunt their bail requirements,just the opposite. If they choose the wrong choice it`s sad But it would be their choice & not perceived as being condoned by us ! We can guide but not control what our children do,I feel Guy failed in guidance & it does appear He condoned His Sons actions !
    Once again it`s a sad situation for all involved.
    Mike Williamson

  4. Paj Says:

    Yes, Guy was doing what he thought was right for his son. Any parent who loves their kids would do the same thing, if they thought it was the RIGHT thing to do for their son. The police should have shown some compasion and handled it in a better way. Perhaps Guy was wrong, but let’s be honest he did it for the right reasons.

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