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I’m With Guy Lafleur All The Way January 31, 2008

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It’s very disturbing that a warrant for the arrest of Guy Lafleur has been issued. It’s also wrong. First, the situation.

Guy’s 22 year old son Mark has had a history of trouble, due to the fact he has medical issues deriving from drug addiction, depression and bipolar complications. Mark was on strict bail conditions that he broke when he left his home and spent time in motels where he hooked up with his younger girlfriend.

Guy’s problem is that he drove Mark to the motels, and then wasn’t clear in court about telling authorities how he had helped his son violate the bail conditions.

Enter the arrest warrant.

But what is unsettling is how this is being handled. Like Guy’s lawyer says, his client (Guy) is so well known, and so is his address, and so is where Guy is at all times, that there was no need for an arrest warrant. If the police wanted Guy, all they had to do was knock on his door and say hello.

So now, it’s in all the news, including US-wide CNN, and Guy, if one doesn’t know the story, is made to look like a criminal in hiding, another athlete gone bad, etc. Why would the police decide to create such an embarrassing situation for this Canadian icon when they didn’t have to?

Lots of people have the unfortunate situation of having a child with mental problems, who have had run-ins with the law, and it tears moms and dads apart. All parents can do is continue to love their child, try to get the best help for them, and through the whole process, of course mistakes will be made from time to time.

It looks like this is the case for the Lafleur family, and my heart goes out to Guy and his wife Lise.

To Montreal Canadien fans, and hockey fans in general, please get behind Guy Lafleur in this difficult time.


10 Responses to “I’m With Guy Lafleur All The Way”

  1. Karen Halls Says:

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    Karen Halls

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Guy should be treated like any other member of society, thus the warrant is warranted. Authorities must be careful to not give celebrities special entitlements.

    I feel for Guy as a father, but it doesn’t excuse his (allegedly) lying to authorities.

  3. westcoast57 Says:

    Lawrence. All the police had to do was go to his door and knock, like I said in my story. An arrest warrant like you’d do for Paul Bernardo oe some escaped convict isn’t what was needed here. You know that.

  4. Hoodedfang Says:

    Agreed, this is not the way to treat one of our Canadian icons. I think it’s disgraceful that the police relied on US-style PR tactics when all they had to do is go over to his house. You’d think they’d have a bit more consideration and tact, but then that’s cops in the 21st century for you. I guess we should be thankful they didnt tase him.

  5. Lawrence Says:


    I have to disagree. The warrant is a part of the process. It has the ability to force the situation to a head, with the outcome being the authorities getting their hands on a wanted person. Part of policing bureaucracy as it were. Maybe the warrant was issued because they couldn’t find him?

    If he was in such a hurry to do the right thing, why is he waiting till tomorrow to turn himself in? Maybe he was getting advice from his Lawyer? Guy is using the process to his advantage, just as the police are doing.

  6. westcoast57 Says:

    Like his lawyer said, the police could have simply mailed him a summons. Don’t you think that makes sense, Lawrence?

  7. Lawrence Says:

    His Lawyer is paid to be his advocate. Of course he’s going to present Guy’s case in the best possible light. That’s his job. He’ll be making statements that will resonate with the public, and get them on Guy’s side.

  8. Kat Says:

    I’m sorry, the charges he faces are very serious.

    A: He lied at his son’s bail hearing. Yes, a troubled son but a troubled son facing extremely serious charges.


    2: He aided and abetted his son in breaking curfew which was part of bail conditions.

    AND: He drove a man near or in his mid twenties to a hotel to spend the night with a SIXTEEN year old girl.

    It is only unfortunate that he cannot be charged for aiding and abetting a criminal as his testimony cannot be used against him.

    This is far more serious than a simple ‘mistake’. It is a matter of flagrantly breaking the law (besides utilizing horrible judgement).

    I fear for the state of the world when parents like this are so plentiful. A new generation of self centered, self aggrandized spoiled brats with an overblown sense of entitlement are up and coming and who is going to bail them out when their parents aren’t around to do it anymore?

  9. sasha Says:

    i think all the facts should be heard before standing behind anyone… what about the children who have been victimized?
    this is not about a grown man who could play hockey it is about children and victims and what is right and wrong human decency for how we expect others to treat our little girls..remember it is the child who is the victim in all this…my thoughts are with them and their families..not with adults who’s parenting skills leave much to be desired to let this happen in the first place..lets wait for the truth to come out in the trial and then decide .people are too fast to stand behind what they know nothing about due to social status that is very sad as far as i am concerned it will come back and bite you in the ass once the truth is known by sit tight before you pass judgement and remember the victims are children not a hockey player

  10. Mike Williamson Says:

    Dennis; I agree the matter could have been handled with much less Police (PR) but the fact remains,his Son his charged with some very serious allegations.You mention his Wife Lise,was she aware of Guy`s actions? If so did she agree that letting their twenty-something spend the night at a motel with a sixteen year old girl on their own(twice) in vialation of his bail agreement ! I don`t think so,Guy made a very serious mistake & compounded the issue by lying about it. I feel if he truely wanted to help his troubled Son he would never have let this occur,this lapse in judgment can only harm is Son when the case comes to trial & sadly cast a dark cloud over Guy`s iconic stature.We all wish we could take back a harsh word or unwise choice of action,But whats said or done in the past can not be taken back. It is a sad situation !
    Mike Williamson

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