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Zdeno Chara Is Taller Than You, Me, and Jarrko Ruutu January 21, 2008

The Canadiens are sitting at home now, waiting to play Boston on Tuesday, and probably spending their down time watching NFL football. Isn’t it funny when you see a hockey player announcing his retirement, and through the tears, he explains that he wants to spend more time with the family. Then, for the next twenty years, he watches sports or goes golfing every day. Golfing takes up the better part of the day. But I guess the wife and kids are used to him not being there so it’s not a big deal. 

The Bruins on Tuesday and then the Habs travel to New Jersey to close it out before All-Star weekend. It’s time to rebound after the Pittsburgh loss. I wouldn’t mind seeing a scrap between that freak of nature, Boston’s Zdeno Chara and our hero, Mike Komisarek.

Chara’s so tall, he has to duck when he skates under the scoreboard. He can put a quarter in the view-o-matic at the top of the Empire State building without leaving the street. He got that big nose when a jetliner flying at 30,000 feet flew into him.

The one thing I appreciate about Chara is that he holds back when he could punch out someone much smaller than him. I’m sure the smaller players appreciate this too.

 I wonder if Jarkko Ruutu, Mike Rebeiro, and Sean Avery smile when they’re being held back by the linesmen when they almost get into it with Chara. “I’d kill you, Chara, if the linesman wasn’t holding me back,” they’d yell.


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