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If only Kane played for Montreal. And there’s a pair who’d better not. January 8, 2008

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I’m late getting this posted today because I was at a first aid course where I almost ate a vegetarian sandwich instead of the good stuff but fellow student Karen saved me, thank goodness. I thought the cream cheese was chicken.

But this isn’t important. What is, is Montreal plays Chicago tomorrow night and must win, otherwise another slump could be starting and I’m tired of this roller coaster ride and having to think about whether the coach and GM should be fired or not. Chicago’s in their own slump which needs to continue of course. They only have one player I feel is worth mentioning, Patrick Kane, and that’s only because he has such a fantastic name. Otherwise, I hope he gets mononucleosis.

In other news, the dastardly Steve Downie, who just returned from his lengthy suspension for blindsiding Ottawa’s Dean McAmmon, should simply be booted out of the league after cold-cocking Toronto’s Jason Blake in the face the other night. Some players play tough, others play rough, but it looks like Downie is just one of these nightmares that come along every so often. If he doesn’t watch it, he’ll become as hated as Sean Avery. So far, though, he hasn’t perfected Avery’s shitty smile. But he’s trying and that’s not good.

If either Downey or Avery ever get traded to Montreal, I’m gonna take up cricket. GO PAKISTAN!

One other thing. There’ll be one more day of first aid where we’ll be practising transporting victims all strapped down with neck braces and all that jazz. It could come in handy some time if I’m at a Philadelphia game and Downey hurts someone else. I’ll be able to help take the player off the ice. I’ll be the one waving to the crowd.


2 Responses to “If only Kane played for Montreal. And there’s a pair who’d better not.”

  1. Rob Says:

    Veggie sandwich yesterday, humble pie today!!!!!

  2. westcoast57 Says:

    We’ll see, you rotten beatnik.

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