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The Rocket, the Montreal Canadiens, and Rich Man, Poor Man January 6, 2008

This year, Montreal’s Andrei Markov will earn 5.7 million dollars patroling the blueline. Teammate Roman Hamrlik will be close, at 5.5 million. Captain Saku Koivu stands at 4.7 million.

In 1940, Montreal’s Ken Reardon was paid $4000 for the season. Junior Langlois in 1959 made $7500. Jean Beliveau, who the Canadiens practically got down on their hands and knees to sign in 1953, was paid an unheard of $25,000, but that was what he’d been making with the senior Quebec Aces and the Habs had to at least match it.  And Rocket Richard was paid $5000 for his first season, in 1942-43, and earned a total of $350, 000 over 18 star-studded seasons with the Habs, ending in 1960.

This year, Francis Lemieux, a centreman who has yet to crack the Habs lineup, earns $461, 667. That’s $111, 667 more than the Rocket made in his lifetime.


6 Responses to “The Rocket, the Montreal Canadiens, and Rich Man, Poor Man”

  1. Lawrence Says:


  2. westcoast57 Says:

    Lawrence. If life was fair, I’d be making three times what you’re making.

  3. Lawrence Says:

    I think you are.

  4. Bob Stone Says:

    It is all relative, In 1970, I raised a mortgage on a 27,000 house in North Vancouver. At that time I was paid $5.10 per hour as a mechanic, gasoline was 50 cents per gallon and minimum wage was about $1.25 per hour.

  5. westcoast57 Says:

    It’s all relative except that players back then worked summer jobs. The Rocket, for instance, wound fishing line by hand in the off-season to help make ends meet. So really, when you think about, compared to today’s salaries, it’s not all relative.
    – Dennis.

  6. Bob Stone Says:

    I have to agree that many players are overpaid, but you cannot directly compare 1950’s dollars with todays dollars.

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